101 Days of Summer Challenge: Completed by Mallory O.

Mallory O'RourkeDear GSCCS,

Mallory O. chose to participate in the community service project this summer. We saved plastic water bottles and aluminum cans. She also asked her adult cousin to help. Mallory was able to make a little over $20.00 with her recyclables.

Mallory learned how to do many new things this summer including playing four square, learning to crochet, making rock candy and God’s eyes. She also worked on friendship bracelets, learned how jacks-n-balls are played and how to use vinegar and baking soda to make a volcanic eruption. She participated in a Brownie home science workshop where she learned about density, how to make invisible ink and “dinosaur shot” , learned about static electricity and how to make ice cream.
Some of the things were new to Mallory and some she had done before. She repeated swimming lessons, but did her first ballet recital. She went bowling again and played pool for the first time.

She has had a wonderful summer growing and learning. Before the end of September, she will attend Boy Scout Family Camp with our family and make more sandcastles at Pismo. As the weather cools down, we hope to fit in our annual backyard campout and accomplish more of the list!

Thank you,
Serena and Mallory
Troop 3046, SU 25

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