101 Days of Summer Fitness Challenge

101 Days of Summer Fitness Challenge for Girl Scout Alumnae, Parents, Volunteers, and Adult Members

This is your opportunity to make yourself top priority, have fun, lose weight and get fit! We always support our girls in friendly competitions; now it is time for the adults to have some fun! Over the next 101 summer days focus on YOU! Eat healthy, get active, and reap the benefits. Get your friends and family involved! Each week track your progress and get your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers etc. to pledge a dollar to GSCCS for every inch, pound, or % of body fat you lose. You can compete with yourself or others, it’s up to you! Feel free to post pictures and/or updates on our GSCCS Facebook page!


Here are 101 ways to lose that weight and stay fit and healthy!

1. Determine achievable goals [break]
2. Make a fitness plan[break]
3. Find a work out buddy or group[break]
4. Take a before picture and post it somewhere you will see it often as a motivator. [break]
5. Get inspired[break]
6. Take your before measurements (arms, legs, waist, hips, butt, and bust)[break]
7. Eat clean – lots of fruits and vegetables[break]
8. Eat smaller food portions/meals[break]
9. Drink more water[break]
10. Buy healthy alternatives to sweets and soda[break]
11. Don’t forget to reward yourself. Plan one splurge meal a week[break]
12. Think before you eat. Is that donut really worth it? [break]
13. Carry healthy snack items all the time[break]
14. Train to run a 5k [break]
15. Don’t drink you calories [break]
16. Drinking coffee, not sugar coffee drinks[break]
17. Get rid of fast foods and fried foods [break]
18. Don’t skip meals[break]
19. Eat breakfast[break]
20. Avoid alcohol[break]
21. Watch grazing while you prepare food [break]
22. Go easy on salt[break]
23. Stay away from crash diets[break]
24. Limit eating out [break]
25. Eat your vegetables first[break]
26. Make use of a food journal[break]
27. Eat at the table and not somewhere else[break]
28. Bring your own lunch to work[break]
29. Add more spices into your recipes[break]
30. Avoid processed foods[break]
31. Think positive[break]
32. Manage stress[break]
33. Get your family involved[break]
34. Get enough sleep[break]
35. Get physically moving every day[break]
36. Exercise at least 3 days a week [break]
37. Walk or ride your bike instead of driving[break]
38. Choose exercise options that work for you and that you enjoy[break]
39. Find a parking spot far away [break]
40. Use the stairs instead of the elevator[break]
41. Pace yourself [break]
42. Vary your routines so you don’t get bored[break]
43. Take a day off from your exercise routines [break]
44. Complete a 30 Miles in 30 Days Challenge[break]
45. Learn more about exercising[break]
46. Walk around the park[break]
47. Know when to stop[break]
48. Start your workout program properly[break]
49. Work out at home[break]
50. Complete the Jillian Michaels’s 30 Day Shred[break]
51. Complete a 100 Pushups Challenge[break]
52. Complete P90X[break]
53. Work out at a gym[break]
54. Complete a 200 Sit-ups Challenge[break]
55. Complete a 200 Squats Challenge[break]
56. Maximize your time at the gym[break]
57. Get moving after lunch[break]
58. Play outside with your kids more[break]
59. Do a 30×30 Challenge (30 minutes of physical activity for 30 days) [break]
60. Do some physical activity during commercial breaks[break]
61. Hit the dance floor[break]
62. Complete a 30 Day Yoga Challenge[break]
63. Clean your room/house once a week – it burns a lot of calories [break]
64. Do breathing exercises[break]
65. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile; you’re doing great![break]
66. Fitness is not all about losing weight; it’s about getting healthy and feeling better[break]
67. Take your measurements once a week [break]
68. Set up your environment at home or work to get fit[break]
69. Get new ideas for healthy recipes and new exercises off the internet[break]
70. Lift light weights. More muscle means less fat.[break]
71. Do cardio[break]
72. Eat before hitting the grocery store[break]
73. Eat slowly[break]
74. Bring a grocery list and stick to it[break]
75. Avoid junk foods[break]
76. Drink a large glass of water before every meal[break]
77. Eat protein at every meal or stay hungry and grouchy[break]
78. Slash your intake of refined flours and grains[break]
79. Eat 30 to 50 grams of fiber a day[break]
80. Learn to read food labels so you know what you are eating[break]
81. Stop guessing about portion size and get it right – for good.[break]
82. Make your own food and eat at least ten meals a week from home [break]
83. Get rid of junk food in your pantry! [break]
84. Remember to breathe[break]
85. Stay hydrated when you work out[break]
86. Accept your body type and learn to love it!!![break]
87. Stretch, stretch, stretch[break]
88. Try new things[break]
89. Get goals throughout the process[break]
90. Reward yourself along the way (massage, foot rub, new outfit, etc.) [break]
91. Be prepared! Fill your freezer with easy healthy meals[break]
92. Pack your exercise bag and leave it in your car.[break]
93. Put your workout shoes next to your bed so you see them all the time[break]
94. Eat dark chocolate instead of milk or white chocolate [break]
95. Take the Jump Rope Challenge[break]
96. Go swimming [break]
97. Take a bike ride[break]
98. Eat apples (they help lose weight) [break]
99. Skip like you were in 3rd grade[break]
100. Try interval training [break]
101. Smile! It burns more calories than frowning [break][break]

In addition to becoming a healthier YOU, you could win the grand prize of a fantastic Girl Scouts gift basket and other prizes! BONUS: You get to help us provide valuable Girl Scout programs to girls who would not otherwise be able to![break][break]
Donate online at www.girlscoutsccs.org/donate/ or by mailing a check to:[break]
GSCCS, 1377 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93711[break]
Donations must be made by September 21, 2013 in order to qualify for the gift bag opportunity drawing.[break][break]
Questions? Call (800) 490-8653 ext 155 or email info@girlscoutsccs.org[break]
Please write and send pictures of your summer challenge! THANK YOU![break]

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