101 Things To Do This Summer

101 Things To Do This Summer for Girl Scouts

Keep yourself busy, and earn a Community Service patch while helping GSCCS.
Together we can help more girls enjoy the fun and friendship of Girl Scouting!

Girls, please pick 2 – 3 items that you have never done from each of the first four sections, for a total of 10 items. Then have your family sponsor you for $2 or more per item completed. For the last section (Recycling and Donating) we would like everyone to participate.

If you donate $20, you get a Community Service patch.
If you donate $30, you get a Community Service patch as well as the FROGS Supporter patch.
If you donate $40, you get both patches AND a GSCCS 100th Anniversary mug!

$20 will pay for 1 girl membership for a girl who could not afford to become a Girl Scout
$30 will help pay for a girl’s uniform and program supplies
$40 will help pay for an outing or adventure activity for a girl
$100 will help pay for a day at camp for 4 girls
$250 will help pay for a whole year of programs for a girl

Sports & Games

1. Basketball learn the different positions then play a game
2. Learn two new games of tag such as Shadow tag, Freeze tag, TV tag.
3. Learn and play Four Square
4. Chinese Jump Rope with a couple of your friends
5. Hopscotch – make two different courts and play both
6. Jump rope 101 times
7. Play a game of Tetherball
8. Softball – learn the rules and play
9. Do a cartwheel
10. Learn how to do a back walkover
11. Karate- learn the four basic stances
12. Go bowling and bowl a strike
13. Learn the rules of 8 and 9 ball in billiards; then play one game of each
14. Learn and do two different types of strokes in swimming
15. Roller Skating – learn how to stop in quad-skates
16. Ice Skating – learn to do swizzles
17. Run a mile
18. Yoga – learn and do four poses
19. Pilates – learn and do four different moves
20. Ballet – learn and do the five basic positions
21. Play jacks; if you don’t know how ask your Mom or Grandma
22. Learn two Hip Hop dance moves
23. Hula Hoop for 101 seconds
24. Play a game of darts
25. Take a bike ride

STEM – Science Technology Engineering & Math

1. Make a Lemon Powered Clock
2. Learn about 5 Elements on the Periodic Table and their Symbols
3. Use Vinegar and Baking Soda to make a volcanic eruption
4. Learn about a Female Inventor or Scientist
5. Make different types of Paper Airplanes; tell someone the differences
6. Learn how to read a tide chart
7. Have a lemonade stand; calculate your profit; then donate half to Girl Scouts
8. Learn a math trick
9. Learn a first aid technique such as RICE, the Heimlich Manoeuvre and CPR
10. Learn about an important woman in the medical field
11. Learn about interest; put money in a savings account and watch it grow.
12. Design and build something that will allow you to drop an egg and not break it
13. Learn four different types of clouds
14. Make a tornado in a bottle
15. Learn how to make your own invisible ink
16. Taste test slices of apples and potatoes while you close your eyes and plug your nose.
17. Research to find out about two different careers per STEM subject.
18. Find out how much you would weigh on each of the Planets
19. Make your own rock candy
20. Bend water with static electricity
21. Make homemade bread
22. Explore a tide pool
23. Learn about an animal and then visit it at a zoo
24. Use vinegar to clean 101 pennies; then donate them to Girl Scouts
25. Complete 101 math problems at your grade level

Crafts & Art

1. Make friendship bracelets
2. Cover a book using old clothes (recycling)
3. Make a sit-upon
4. Make a daisy chain
5. Make an Eye of God
6. Make a ring from a peach pit
7. Paint a watercolor picture
8. Make paper flowers
9. Make a Cootie Catcher
10. Make a picture outside using wet chalk
11. Make your own paper
12. Make a stained glass window out of wax paper
13. Learn how to cast-on in knitting
14. Learn how to make a chain stitch in crochet
15. Make a cross stitch or plastic canvas project
16. Learn how to operate a sewing machine
17. Paint a wood item of your choice (jewelry box, bird House, etc.)
18. Make an old t-shirt new again by cutting and tying it
19. Make a bag from an old t-shirt
20. Tie dye something
21. Make a pinch pot out of clay
22. Make a pet rock
23. Make a dream catcher
24. Make and fly a kite
25. Press flowers and make art with them

Summer Fun

1. Learn how to make a new knot
2. Camp out in your back yard
3. Learn how to build a campfire
4. Learn two campfire songs
5. Make a fort inside your house
6. Go bird watching in your backyard or neighborhood
7. Learn how to short sheet a bed then do it
8. Play Marco Polo in the pool
9. Make up a ghost story and tell it to a friend
10. Take a hike
11. Learn the art of Japanese T-Shirt folding
12. Read a classic with a girl as the main character
13. Make a bird feeder out of a pine cone
14. Go to the park
15. Run in the sprinklers
16. Have a water balloon fight
17. Take a trip
18. Explore your local library, find an adventure book and read it
19. Make a sand castle
20. Go fishing
21. Grow a vegetable and eat it
22. Make a giant bubble
23. Set up a lemonade stand and donate half of the profits to Girl Scouts
24. Spend a day volunteering for a local community service group
25. Visit with an older family member and find out what it was like when they were your age.

Recycling & Donating

1. Turn trash into cash for your Sister Girl Scouts!
Donate the cash made from recycling to help another girl become a Girl Scout!

Donate online at www.girlscoutsccs.org/donate/ or by mailing a check to:
GSCCS, 1377 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93711
Donations must be made by September 21, 2013 in order to qualify for patches and mug.
Questions? Call (800) 490-8653 ext 155 or email info@girlscoutsccs.org
Please write and send pictures of your summer fun! THANK YOU!

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