5 Ways To Conquering Summer Boredom

Flower RingIt’s that time of year kids can’t wait for—the ding of the last bell, indicating school is out for summer! Now what, though? We know Girl Scout families are busy and running around from activity to activity, but kids can quickly become bored still. Here are five tips to conquer summer boredom and enjoy a fun-filled vacation.
1. Learn a new word every day. Come back to school in the fall with an ever-expanding vocabulary. Check out Merriam-Webster’s word of the day online, download The Word of the Day! app on your smartphone or flip through a dictionary and randomly pick a new word to learn every day.
2. Be creative and write. Do you love TV? Create a fan fiction about your favorite TV show. Can you play a musical instrument? Write your own song and perform for your family and/or friends. You can even host a neighborhood talent show with other talented folks in your neighborhood.
3. Play water games. Here are around 40 ways you can cool off as a family, with friends, neighbors or at a party. There are various activities for all ages and varying numbers of people, from two to 20 or more, as needed per game. No pool required.
4. Get crafty. Check out our craft Pinterest board for several awesome craft projects, including using soda tabs to make a flower ring, creating a fishtail friendship bracelet and many more fun ideas.
5. Attend Local Events. No need to splurge on a vacation. You can find events happening near where you live. Check newspaper community calendars online, in your city, to see upcoming events.
Please take pictures of your Girl Scout having fun this summer and email them to our Communications Manager, Jordan King, at jking@girlscoutsccs.org.

-Written by Communications Intern, Katie Campbell

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