Catch up with Megan Talbert and Hope

Happy New Year!

            I hope everyone had a great holiday season filled with family and lots of joy! I have enjoyed my winter break back at home, and I will shortly be back to UC Santa Barbara. Over break Hope and I were able to attend a Christmas party at the down town library. The kids were able to participate in crafts and take pictures with Santa, and of course read to the dogs! Hope is a great reading buddy because he never corrects the children’s pronunciation and is a great listener!

            We were also able to attend a group visit to the Valley Health Care Center with other members of TDI (Therapy Dogs International) Fresno.  Hope was able to socialize with his TDI friends and spread some holiday cheer to those living in the center.

            I was very excited to finish my first semester in college. It was a very rewarding and somewhat relieving feeling to know finals were over and I would be returning to my family and friends. After some relaxation, I’m ready to go back to school next week and start my second quarter. Hope all is well and that there is a great year head of all of us!


                        Megan Talbert and Hope

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