Alumnae Survey Results

Thank you to the fantastic 118 Alumnae that participated in our survey! This survey helps us better
understand your needs and better serve our Girl Scouts of Central California South alumnae community. Make sure to attend our upcoming alumnae event! Details at the bottom of the page!

Question 1. What are your interests?
Results: Top 3 interests
1. Family (83.2%)
2. Travel (69.0%)
3. Arts/Crafts (67.3%)
#1 suggestion: Scrapbooking


Question 2. How do you like to get together with other Girl Scout Alumnae?
Results: Top 3 ways to get together:
1. Attend an event together (81.3%)
2. Games (cards, puzzles, Bunco) (43.9%)
3. Craft Event (42.1%)

Question 3. What time is best for you to gather with other alumnae?
Results: Best time to gather:
1. Weekends (67.6%)
2. After 5 PM, M-F (60.2%)

Question 4. How are you currently volunteering with GSCCS?[break]
1. Troop Leader (64.6%)
2. Co-Leader or Cookie Chair (29.2%)
3. Service Unit Manager (12.5%)
4. Other (3%)

Question 5. Are you interested in volunteering? Volunteering in additional ways? If so, what events would you want to volunteer at?
Results: Volunteer Interests:
1. Camping (27.7%)
2. Major events (25.5%)
3. Sitting on a committee (23.4%)
4. Event planning/event set up (17.0%)
5. Specialized Skill workshops (14.9%)

Question 6. Would you want to receive an:

1. Newsletter covering both Alumnae and GSCCS news (63.8%)
2. Alumnae Newsletter (25.0%)
3. GSCCS Newsletter (20.0%)

Question 7. What social media networks do you use?
1. Facebook (84.1%)
2. Pinterest (45.0%)
3. YouTube (25.2%)
4. LinkedIn (22.4%)
5. Twitter (15.0%)
6. Instagram (14.0%)
7. Google+ (11.2%)

Question 8. Did you attend an alumnae tea or Gather, Gab, and Girl Scouts breakfast?
1. Yes (14.0%)
2. No (54.1%)
3. What was that? I want more information (32.4%)
Those that attended loved them and want more.

Question 9. Did you receive a:
Gold Award (0%)
Silver Award (20.0%)
Bronze Award (0.0%)
First Class (60.0%)
Curved Bar (20.0%)
Golden Eaglet (20.0%)

8 new members were added to our Gold Award Alliance from this survey.

Question 10. How would you like to be involved as a Girl Scout Alumna?

1. Just hear what is going on (67.6%)
2. Continue to volunteer (56.8%)
3. Networking/Connection (20.0%)
4. Give back in another way (2.0%)

Let’s get together!!!

Gather, Gab, and Girl Scouts Scrapbooking!
(Our #1 suggested activity based on the Alumnae Survey)

Bakersfield: The Gather, Gab, & Girl Scouts “Alumnae Scrapbooking Event” in Bakersfield scheduled for Saturday, August 17th has been postponed due to low number of RSVPs. We will reschedule once summer is over!!


We are looking for Scrapbooking-On-a-Budget lead volunteers!
We need your help to lead a scrapbooking activity at our alumnae summer gathering!!
If you are interested please contact
Dominique Chamberlain at 800-490-8653 ext. 130 or

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