How to Throw an Epic Sleepover

It’s that time of year again—back to school! Sharpened pencils, school buses, homework and, hopefully, cooler weather are coming to a theater near you. Before school starts and life gets even busier, throw a fun-filled slumber party. Here are five tips about how to host an epic sleepover.

1. Pick a theme
Your slumber party will be fun and unique, regardless of whether you have a theme, since no one is exactly the same as you and your friends. To make your party extra memorable though, you can pick one of many awesome themes. Some examples include a decade-theme sleepover, a campout, a Hawaiian or Luau-theme party and a sports-theme slumber party. Visit for more ideas.

2. Play Fun Games
Put your hula hoop skills to the test and see who can hula hoop for the longest amount of time.

If you’re planning a camping theme slumber party, try the Mosquito Game. Give each player a sheet of dot stickers (preferably red!) that will represent mosquito bites. Throughout the evening, try to get rid of your stickers by giving the others players & mosquito bites! Do this by secretly placing stickers on other players. Be careful…if you are caught you have to keep your mosquito bite sticker. The first player to get rid of their stickers is the winner!

Photo courtesy: Kim's party blog

Photo courtesy: Kim’s party blog

3. Enjoy a delicious, easy-to-make treat
To make indoor S’mores, all you have to do is place a marshmallow on a Girl Scout Cookie. Microwave for 10 seconds and then add a matching cookie on top. Lastly, allow the marshmallow to cool.

4. Get Crafty
Make super cute pillowcases following these five easy steps. First, prewash your pillowcase (ironing is optional). Then use a pencil to lightly write in bubble letters the words you want on your pillowcase such as “BFFs” or your name. Then use permanent or fabric markers to outline the letters. Fill in the letters with patterns and colors of your choosing. Lastly, heat-set your pillowcase in the dryer for 20 minutes.

5. Make The Memories Last
Collage pictures of you and your friends hanging out during the summer. Make a background with magazine pictures of your favorite things about summer such as sunglasses, the beach and frozen treats. This will be a fantastic memento for you and your friends to cherish the memories you all made—years later.

Visit our Pinterest Page for more sleepover ideas. Most importantly, don’t forget to thank your party hostess and her parents for inviting you and always be mindful of their rules.

-Written by Communications Intern, Katie Campbell

Troop 305 Highest Awards Ceremony

IMG_4705Troop 305 is what we affectionately call a “Super Troop” – which means they have girls from every level of Girl
Scouts. They have almost 100 girls in their troop!!

They recently held an awards ceremony and gave out 31 ten year pins to girls! This pretty much means these
girls have been in Girl Scouts since Daisies or Brownies! They also recognized 5 Bronze Award recipients, 14
Silver Award recipients, 9 Gold Award recipients, and 4 Trifecta Award recipients! What a fabulous testimony of
a GREAT troop that is truly volunteer driven. Troop leaders and advisors have mastered the challenge of
keeping girls in the program for a long time – camaraderie, friendship, creating challenges, having fun, letting
the girls be the leaders!!

I asked one of the Gold Award recipients why she thought so many of the girls had remained in the troop for so
long and she said they have been the best of friends from the beginning and these girls continue to be among
her best friends. She also said they always had something new, exciting and challenging to do and that kept
their interest!

Way to go Troop 305! And thanks for inviting me to participate in your awards ceremony – it was an honor to
see so many wonderfully motivated young women willing to step out of their comfort zone to make a difference
in making the world a better place! It is a wonderful feeling to know our world is in your amazing hands!

-Written by contributing writer, Eloise Golden

Meet Girl Scout Alumnae Rae Monique Pineda

rae3From Girl Scout to Army Sergeant back to Girl Scouts – we here at Girl Scouts of Central California South are ecstatic to introduce Rae Monique Pineda, now Program Leadership Coordinator based in Bakersfield.

The lessons learned as a Girl Scout helped Rae become a successful, well-rounded woman. Rae joined the U.S. Army almost seven years ago and deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. As a Civil Affairs Sergeant, her special skills included female engagement team leader, combat lifesaver, instructor, airborne paratrooper, and Persian-Farsi linguist.

Throughout her childhood, Rae participated in Girl Scouts in Orange County.
A Girl Scout memory Rae will never forget is receiving her Kidnapping Badge. She recalled her mom waking her up at 7 a.m. on a Saturday and telling her to take a bath without telling her why. Then, much to her surprise, the doorbell rang and she was greeted with the sight of her fellow troop members. She went to breakfast with her troop while wearing her nightgown. To this day, she still remembers the diner they ate breakfast at in Anaheim and always smiles as she drives by, recalling the fun time she had there.

She also remembers the decision-for-your-life weekend event she participated in as a Senior. The event taught Rae and her fellow troop members useful, lifelong lessons such as caring for a battery-operated baby doll that cried like a real infant. The girls even shopped at Babies “R” Us and scanned items to see the cost of raising a child.

As a Girl Scout, Rae also participated in the cookie program. Her favorite cookie is Thin Mints, which she enjoyed receiving through Operation Gratitude while she was stationed in Afghanistan. As part of Operation Gratitude, people can purchase cookies, nuts, and magazines from Girl Scouts and donate them to troops.

Rae’s advice to Girl Scouts, who are interested in joining the military, is to take all of the Girl Scout lessons to heart. Both the Girl Scout values and being depended on are elements that were also part of her Army training and duties.
Rae attributes her success to an insightful philosophy. “Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage”. We are excited to have Rae share her experiences and wisdom with our Girl Scouts today.

-Written by Communications Intern, Katie Campbell

How to Ban Bossy

Girl-Tip_Speak-UpBossy: a word many use to describe girls who act assertively or state unpopular opinions. It’s also a word that stops girls from raising their hands to answer questions and prevents them from taking on leadership roles. Join us today to ban bossy and encourage girls in your life to be confident and pursue their dreams. Here are three tips to help ban bossy and pave the way for the successful futures of today’s girls.

1. Encourage Girls to Lead. Ask your Girl Scout about school. Praise her strengths. Find out if she is interested in leadership roles for any of her activities. Encourage her to become a leader. Ask your Girl Scout what her dream career is and help her take the necessary steps to make this dream a reality, whether that means enrolling her in the necessary classes or simply cheering her on.

2. Pay Attention to How You and She Communicate. Girls are frequently reprimanded for acting overly confident and begin speaking uncertainly to compensate for this. As a result, girls may be unsure of themselves and their responses. For example, if a girl is certain that she has the correct answer in the classroom, she still may not raise her hand or might respond stating the answer in a questioning tone. You can help your Girl Scout by being conscious of how you and she communicate and try to avoid apologizing or hedging your opinions. Gently point out to her if you notice she is not speaking confidently while also acknowledging if you are doing so, as well.

3. Encourage Your Girl Scout to Participate in Organized Sports and Activities. Sports teach girls important life skills about speaking up, collaborating and even failing, which help them pursue future endeavors. For example, studies show that more than 80 percent of senior female executives played sports growing up. Enroll your Girl Scout in a sport that she is already interested in. If she does not want to play sports, find another activity that she can participate in where she is part of a team such as debate, band, or chess.

Ideas to Amp Your July Fourth Celebration

With July 4 just around the corner, are you looking for quick and fun ways to decorate your home or fun recipes to try? Keep reading to learn how you can make this Independence Day filled with delicious snacks, crafts, and more.

House Decoration Ideas:
fallenherolightsHere are 99 Spectacular Ideas for this Fourth of July, but some things are just worth pointing out! Wreaths, for example, are lovely; and luckily for many of us, it is nearly always in style! Make a project of this ruffly patriotic wreath and hang it on your door this July 4th!

To celebrate the lives of our fallen heroes, put together these simple yet beautiful luminaries and light up your walkway.

Fun and Easy Recipes:
wandsBuzzFeed Food offers wide array of creative food ideas that are especially great for kids! Take this fruit wand stick for example! Not only is it easy to make, the kids will enjoy creating their own wand! What is Independence Day if not filled with a little magic?

If you’re looking for a little sugar, we’ve got you covered with 30 Fourth of July Desserts ideas. From patriotic cakes to pies to cookies and brownies, you’re guaranteed to add a little patriotism and sweetness to your celebration!

Fun Games:
If you’re looking for entertainment beyond good company and amazing fireworks, try these 4th of July County Fair Games and add more laughs to your celebration!

For more ideas on how to add some pizzazz to your July 4th celebration, look at our 4th of July Pinterest board! Don’t forget to share with us what you did by sending your pictures to Communications Manager, Jordan King, at

Happy Independence Day from Girl Scouts of Central California South!

-Written by Communications Intern Linda Vang

5 Ways To Conquering Summer Boredom

Flower RingIt’s that time of year kids can’t wait for—the ding of the last bell, indicating school is out for summer! Now what, though? We know Girl Scout families are busy and running around from activity to activity, but kids can quickly become bored still. Here are five tips to conquer summer boredom and enjoy a fun-filled vacation.
1. Learn a new word every day. Come back to school in the fall with an ever-expanding vocabulary. Check out Merriam-Webster’s word of the day online, download The Word of the Day! app on your smartphone or flip through a dictionary and randomly pick a new word to learn every day.
2. Be creative and write. Do you love TV? Create a fan fiction about your favorite TV show. Can you play a musical instrument? Write your own song and perform for your family and/or friends. You can even host a neighborhood talent show with other talented folks in your neighborhood.
3. Play water games. Here are around 40 ways you can cool off as a family, with friends, neighbors or at a party. There are various activities for all ages and varying numbers of people, from two to 20 or more, as needed per game. No pool required.
4. Get crafty. Check out our craft Pinterest board for several awesome craft projects, including using soda tabs to make a flower ring, creating a fishtail friendship bracelet and many more fun ideas.
5. Attend Local Events. No need to splurge on a vacation. You can find events happening near where you live. Check newspaper community calendars online, in your city, to see upcoming events.
Please take pictures of your Girl Scout having fun this summer and email them to our Communications Manager, Jordan King, at

-Written by Communications Intern, Katie Campbell

Girl Scouts Spread Sweetness to Children’s Hospital Central California

sweeteats_1_EditedTroop 2385 of Fresno County gives us a glimpse into the different things Girl Scouts do with their cookie funds!

With money they set aside from cookie sales, the 15 girls of Troop 2385 purchased and donated food and drinks to the Sweet Eats Program of Children’s Hospital Central California.

If you’ve never heard of the Sweet Eats Program, it is a program that provides families of patients staying in the Craycroft Unit of Children’s Hospital with free and easy access to food. The Sweet Eats Program invites and welcomes donations from the community to stock a kitchen in the oncology unit as a way to support parents and families and keep them close to their children as they undergo treatment.

When the girls first heard of this program, they decided they want to help. Collectively, they allocated $500 from their cookie sales with the intention to buy and donate to the program. This past Thursday, their plans became reality!

Fotor0616100050The girls wheeled in wagons filled with $400 worth of selected food, drinks, and snacks and made their donation. In addition to their mission, the girls also took an exciting tour of the Guide Hall of Fame as well as the hospital classroom and playroom.

But it doesn’t stop there! The girls took it a step further and decided to write pen pal notes to some of the children staying in the hospital.

Troop 2385 prove to us that sweetness is a gesture that can be spread through many means, and that is exactly what they did!

Picture on the right: Fridge before and after Troop 2385’s donations

-Written by Communications Intern, Linda Vang

Lily Adventures!

_Camping1You’ve probably seen Lily floating around on Instagram and Facebook, but let’s get to know more about Lily beyond her photogenic exterior!

Dubbed the “travelling doll”, Lily will be going on a series of adventures, all of which will be photographed and shared with you on Instagram and Facebook! If you’ve participated in this week’s Lily game, you understand that you must guess what Lily is setting out to do to be entered into a drawing to win a brand new Lily doll.

Lily embarks on her journey every Monday, so look out for her first photo to guess she is getting ready to do! Three winners will be chosen from both Instagram and Facebook comments to be entered into a drawing. Every Friday we will post the winners along with a fun patch that is on sale the following week in the Gold Mine Store!

This week, Lily camped out with her brand new Girl Scout camping gear and experienced all kinds of fun in the green. Lily’s camping experience earned her a camping patch! You can find her camping gears and her camping Fun Patch in the Gold Mine Store. With Mountain Do! Camp just around the corner and summer beginning, make sure your Girl Scout is fully prepared and equipped to tackle the outdoors!

The drawing for a brand new Lily doll will be in September.

Good luck and may the odds be in your favor!

“Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout”

SCAN0016“Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout” could not ring more true for me!

I served as a proud Girl Scout member from ages 5-9 with the Girl Scouts Golden Valley Council. The Girl Scouts instilled the belief in me that determination and ambition are the keys to success—both personally and professionally.

The Girl Scouts is a wonderful organization to be a part of because of the fun, educational activities and field trips it offers girls. From horseback riding to interacting with customers while selling Girl Scout cookies, the Girl Scouts taught me and my fellow troop members to lean in and act confidently. We learned to pursue activities, goals, and dreams with the mission of becoming well-rounded courageous girls who can conquer the world.

As a Freshman at Fresno State, I started out as a biology major and did not feel that it was my calling. At the time, I was enrolled in a journalism course and loved it. I needed the courage to take initiative and change my major.

Flashback to when I was an incredibly nervous Girl Scout selling cookies for the first time. Because all of my Girl Scout friends were selling cookies with me, I mustered up the courage to talk to customers and, much to my surprise, it was fun. From this experience, I took initiative to change my major and my career pathway down an entirely different avenue — that of Mass Communication and Journalism.

By changing my major with the courage I learned from Girl Scouts, I am now back to the home that instilled confidence in me working as a Communications Intern for the Girl Scouts of Central California South. My experience is definitely the epitome of the Girl Scouts mission: “Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.”

-Written by Communications Intern, Katie Campbell

Update on Haven H. (from mom, Shannon)

Cat2Haven has a passion for photography. She has an artist’s heart and you can see it in her pictures. She just made state in her competition with a program though her school called Skills USA. This is her second year competing. She took second place regional with her pictures and now at state level, they assign an professional photographer to work with Haven and show her different techniques to really open up her range for shooting photos.

Haven’s motto is “doesn’t matter which camera you use, you can take a good photo on any camera. It’s the angle that you shoot and the life you capture that counts.” (To prove this some of the pictures she took for competition she did with an Iphone. Can you tell which ones???)

The great thing about Haven is she still is a green blood girl scout though and though… with her passion for taking pictures she’s using it to help in the community. Haven is doing senior portraits for kids at her school. Some that can’t afford the ones though the school, or some that are not very confident.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes at State which is in April.

**Below are pictures taken by Haven**