How to Ban Bossy

Girl-Tip_Speak-UpBossy: a word many use to describe girls who act assertively or state unpopular opinions. It’s also a word that stops girls from raising their hands to answer questions and prevents them from taking on leadership roles. Join us today to ban bossy and encourage girls in your life to be confident and pursue their dreams. Here are three tips to help ban bossy and pave the way for the successful futures of today’s girls.

1. Encourage Girls to Lead. Ask your Girl Scout about school. Praise her strengths. Find out if she is interested in leadership roles for any of her activities. Encourage her to become a leader. Ask your Girl Scout what her dream career is and help her take the necessary steps to make this dream a reality, whether that means enrolling her in the necessary classes or simply cheering her on.

2. Pay Attention to How You and She Communicate. Girls are frequently reprimanded for acting overly confident and begin speaking uncertainly to compensate for this. As a result, girls may be unsure of themselves and their responses. For example, if a girl is certain that she has the correct answer in the classroom, she still may not raise her hand or might respond stating the answer in a questioning tone. You can help your Girl Scout by being conscious of how you and she communicate and try to avoid apologizing or hedging your opinions. Gently point out to her if you notice she is not speaking confidently while also acknowledging if you are doing so, as well.

3. Encourage Your Girl Scout to Participate in Organized Sports and Activities. Sports teach girls important life skills about speaking up, collaborating and even failing, which help them pursue future endeavors. For example, studies show that more than 80 percent of senior female executives played sports growing up. Enroll your Girl Scout in a sport that she is already interested in. If she does not want to play sports, find another activity that she can participate in where she is part of a team such as debate, band, or chess.

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