Community Service Projects


Girl Scouts always wants to instill a sense of community in all of its members, and one way to instill a sense of community is to give back to the community. Girl Scout Troops are known for giving back. Any Girl Scout can tell you that it is better to give then receive. Community service projects are one way that we instill courage, confidence, and character in every Girl Scout. Here are some great ideas for community service projects:

  • Planting trees at a local park
  • Collecting canned foods for local food banks
  • Beautify a local park or recreational center
  • Donate items/time to local animal shelters
  • Encourage the community to be more “green”

Great Ideas for Your Proceeds

Troop proceeds are the financial product of a Troop’s hard work and dedication as a whole, so it is important that every girl in the Troop has a say on how those proceeds are utilized. Troop proceeds are often utilized in assisting with the Troops community service project. Here are just a few ways that Troops utilize their proceeds:

  • Purchasing supplies to promote community awareness for service projects
  • Purchasing toiletries for the homeless
  • Creating a school-wide community service awareness campaign
  • Providing hot or cold drinks at community outreach events
  • Helping a foster child find comfort during a difficult family transition


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