Cookie Resources and Forms


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ABC Smart Cookie Volunteer Resource is a great resource for volunteers to find age specific learning activities, family resource guides, safety information, and great graphics!

ABC Smart Cookie Girl Resource website allows girls to track their individual goals, send e-cards to friends and family members, learn sales techniques, play fun games and cast their vote on fun cookie sale themes for upcoming years.

Cookie Sale tracking is a SNAP! This Troop volunteer only tracking site helps volunteers to report, record and track their Girl Scout and Troops progress throughout the sale. Troop volunteers must first go through training to receive their SNAP Log-in.

Addendum to Council Volunteer Policy & Procedures and Volunteer Essentials



2017 Cookie Documents:

2017 Cookie Troop Guide(PDF)

2017 Cookie Program Parent Permission Slip (PDF)

2017 Cookie Program Troop Cookie Chair Agreement (PDF)

2017 Cookie Program Troop Proceeds in Lieu of Recognitions Agreement (PDF)

2017 Cookie Program Delinquent Account Report (PDF)

2017 Cookie Program ACH Agreement (PDF)

2017 Cookie Program Troop Participation (PDF)

2017 Cookie Family Guide (PDF)

2017 Cookie Quick Guide (PDF)

2017 Cookie Program SQUARE Guide(PDF)

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