Cookie Safety

During cookie season, there are lots of things for girls and parents to keep in mind from counterfeit money to always having an adult around. Please remember to be familiar with our Girl Scout Cookie Safety Guide.

Five Key Safety Tips

IMG_0594Here are five key safety tips to ensure Girl Scouts can sell cookies safely while having tons of fun!

1) IT’S ALL ABOUT THE GIRLS: The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the world’s foremost entrepreneurial experience for girls. The Program equips girls with a lifetime of special skills, such as financial literacy, goal-making, and people skills. This is not a political experience; Girl Scouts is proud to be a nonpartisan, inclusive organization. If a Girl Scout Cookie sales place is being peacefully protested by politically motivated individuals, kindly remind these individuals that selling Girl Scout Cookies is about the girls: adult conversations remain between adults. If anyone’s safety is compromised, volunteers are instructed to call the authorities. More aggressive protesting or harassment of any kind is simply intolerable.

2) STAY VISIBLE: Plan to have at least one Girl Scout and two adult volunteers at a cookie
booth at all times. Many booths operate on the property of local businesses; Councils and adult volunteers are trained to coordinate with these businesses. Set-up your cookie booth in an open area and stay visible. Coordinate additional security as needed with the entity on whose property your cookie booth operates.

3) BUDDIES UNITE: Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors must be accompanied by
an adult at all times. Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors who participate in door-to-door sales must be supervised by an adult. Girls of all grade levels must always use the buddy system.

4) KNOW THE FACTS: Money due for sold products is collected when the products are delivered to the customer (or as directed by GSCCS). One hundred per cent of Girl Scout Cookie sales money stays at the local council, directly financing Girl Scout experiences, such as community service events and travel opportunities.

5) HAVE FUN!: As our most trusted brand ambassadors, girls love thinking of smart and
creative ways to market their product and share their excitement. This is what Cookie
Season is all about. Create colorful signs, write a catchy new slogan, and share your
enthusiasm about Girl Scouts with your friends and neighbors! Encourage your Girl
Scout to use her creativity, compassion, and enthusiasm to remind your respective
community that Girl Scout Cookie Season is about one thing: GIRLS!

Keep an eye out for counterfeit bills!

fakemoneyDon’t let fake bills fool you this cookie season! Do you have a suspicious bill? Compare the suspicious note with a real one of the same denomination and series, paying attention to the quality of printing, border, portrait, etc. Look for differences, not similarities. For help you identify fake money, visit or

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Do not accept $100 or $50 bills for product, unless you are satisfied that the bills are not counterfeit, and the order is more than 80% of the bill.

Check all bills of $20 or more. Here’s how:

  • Hold the bill up to the light and check for the watermark on the right hand side of the President’s head. It should be the same President’s head that is in the center of the bill (e.g., a $20 bill that has President Andrew Jackson’s face in the center, but has Abraham Lincoln’s face in the watermark is a FAKE (counterfeit) bill).
  • Feel the collar of the President’s jacket. It should feel raised or rough. If it feels smooth, it is most likely counterfeit.
  • If you do not feel comfortable about accepting a large denomination bill, you can decline to accept it. Simply say “Sorry, we cannot accept this bill.”
  • Ask the customer to pay by credit card instead.

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