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Program in a Box

Building merry-go-rounds, designing toys, creating catapults – these projects are right up a Girl Scouts ally! We have Programs in a Box that are fun for any Girl Scout Troop. These program kits are available to reserve and complete with your Girl Scout Troop!

Program in a Box Descriptions
Kits includes materials for 10 Girls and instructions for Leaders.

Engineers to the Rescue: A Kid’s Extreme Survival Guide

Girls will engineer solutions to problems in the outdoors.

They will:

  • Explore engineering careers
  • Practice camp songs
  • Design a simple tool
  • Make a wind-powered crank
  • Filter water for drinking and cooking
  • Engineer a radio antenna
  • Build a shelter
  • Create a moving car

Girls will engineer their own rides, games and amusement park.

They will:

  • Discover what are the six simple machines
  • Create a mini-playground
  • Make a coaster car
  • Build a merry-go-round
  • Plan out an amusement park
  • Make a catapult out of spoons
Power It Up

Girls will engineer many fun machines using circuitry.

They will:

  • Explore how to power up a current using Snap Circuits
  • Create a tilt lantern
  • Learn how to solder circuits
  • Make an electric game using soldering and play that game
Design Time

Girls will engineer their own line of products using creativity and science.

They will:

  • Design a toy
  • Practice toy prototyping
  • Design a pencil bag
  • Create packaging for food products
  • Plan out their own bubble business
Make It Green

Girls will practice being environmental engineers in their own world.

They will:

  • Assess their ecological footprint
  • Learn about green source materials
  • Plan their own green home blueprint
  • Build a mini version of their green home on paper and 3D
  • Design their green home using green materials
SNAP Circuits

Girls will explore the use of circuits to make many electrical creations

They will:

  • Make a siren sound
  • Create an electronic Kazoo
  • Design a solar AM radio transmitter
  • Learn how to make an alarm
  • Make solar music alarm
  • Plan a circuit project that uses fiber optics, music, solar power and more