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Girl Scout Connect Program

From Madera through Kern counties, approximately 11,000 local girls have the Girl Scout experience every year. Of those girls, more than 5,000 of them are part of our Girl Scout Connect Program. This means girls receive the benefits of Girl Scouting at no cost to their families.

This program instills confidence, provides life and leadership skills, and improves the lives of girls who would not otherwise have this opportunity to reach their full potential. The girls learn to discover issues in their community that need to be addressed, connect and team up with others to determine ways to solve the issues, and then take action in order to make positive change.

Girls meet with trained volunteers after-school or during the weekends at community centers. This program strengthens local communities, as community members become involved and learn the value of Girl Scouting, and then pass it on to future generations.

Grants, sponsorships and donor funding help offset the costs of program delivery and cover curriculum development, materials, uniforms, transportation, and membership fees. The program directly assists the many families who cannot afford the $40 Girl Scout membership fee.


For more information, contact us at (800) 490-8653