Alumnae Survey Results

Thank you to the fantastic 118 Alumnae that participated in our survey! This survey helps us better
understand your needs and better serve our Girl Scouts of Central California South alumnae community. Make sure to attend our upcoming alumnae event! Details at the bottom of the page!

Question 1. What are your interests?
Results: Top 3 interests
1. Family (83.2%)
2. Travel (69.0%)
3. Arts/Crafts (67.3%)
#1 suggestion: Scrapbooking


Question 2. How do you like to get together with other Girl Scout Alumnae?
Results: Top 3 ways to get together:
1. Attend an event together (81.3%)
2. Games (cards, puzzles, Bunco) (43.9%)
3. Craft Event (42.1%)

Question 3. What time is best for you to gather with other alumnae?
Results: Best time to gather:
1. Weekends (67.6%)
2. After 5 PM, M-F (60.2%)

Question 4. How are you currently volunteering with GSCCS?[break]
1. Troop Leader (64.6%)
2. Co-Leader or Cookie Chair (29.2%)
3. Service Unit Manager (12.5%)
4. Other (3%)

Question 5. Are you interested in volunteering? Volunteering in additional ways? If so, what events would you want to volunteer at?
Results: Volunteer Interests:
1. Camping (27.7%)
2. Major events (25.5%)
3. Sitting on a committee (23.4%)
4. Event planning/event set up (17.0%)
5. Specialized Skill workshops (14.9%)

Question 6. Would you want to receive an:

1. Newsletter covering both Alumnae and GSCCS news (63.8%)
2. Alumnae Newsletter (25.0%)
3. GSCCS Newsletter (20.0%)

Question 7. What social media networks do you use?
1. Facebook (84.1%)
2. Pinterest (45.0%)
3. YouTube (25.2%)
4. LinkedIn (22.4%)
5. Twitter (15.0%)
6. Instagram (14.0%)
7. Google+ (11.2%)

Question 8. Did you attend an alumnae tea or Gather, Gab, and Girl Scouts breakfast?
1. Yes (14.0%)
2. No (54.1%)
3. What was that? I want more information (32.4%)
Those that attended loved them and want more.

Question 9. Did you receive a:
Gold Award (0%)
Silver Award (20.0%)
Bronze Award (0.0%)
First Class (60.0%)
Curved Bar (20.0%)
Golden Eaglet (20.0%)

8 new members were added to our Gold Award Alliance from this survey.

Question 10. How would you like to be involved as a Girl Scout Alumna?

1. Just hear what is going on (67.6%)
2. Continue to volunteer (56.8%)
3. Networking/Connection (20.0%)
4. Give back in another way (2.0%)

Let’s get together!!!

Gather, Gab, and Girl Scouts Scrapbooking!
(Our #1 suggested activity based on the Alumnae Survey)

Bakersfield: The Gather, Gab, & Girl Scouts “Alumnae Scrapbooking Event” in Bakersfield scheduled for Saturday, August 17th has been postponed due to low number of RSVPs. We will reschedule once summer is over!!


We are looking for Scrapbooking-On-a-Budget lead volunteers!
We need your help to lead a scrapbooking activity at our alumnae summer gathering!!
If you are interested please contact
Dominique Chamberlain at 800-490-8653 ext. 130 or

2011-2012 Hot Topics

101 Days of Summer Fitness Challenge

101 Days of Summer Fitness Challenge for Girl Scout Alumnae, Parents, Volunteers, and Adult Members

This is your opportunity to make yourself top priority, have fun, lose weight and get fit! We always support our girls in friendly competitions; now it is time for the adults to have some fun! Over the next 101 summer days focus on YOU! Eat healthy, get active, and reap the benefits. Get your friends and family involved! Each week track your progress and get your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers etc. to pledge a dollar to GSCCS for every inch, pound, or % of body fat you lose. You can compete with yourself or others, it’s up to you! Feel free to post pictures and/or updates on our GSCCS Facebook page!


Here are 101 ways to lose that weight and stay fit and healthy!

1. Determine achievable goals [break]
2. Make a fitness plan[break]
3. Find a work out buddy or group[break]
4. Take a before picture and post it somewhere you will see it often as a motivator. [break]
5. Get inspired[break]
6. Take your before measurements (arms, legs, waist, hips, butt, and bust)[break]
7. Eat clean – lots of fruits and vegetables[break]
8. Eat smaller food portions/meals[break]
9. Drink more water[break]
10. Buy healthy alternatives to sweets and soda[break]
11. Don’t forget to reward yourself. Plan one splurge meal a week[break]
12. Think before you eat. Is that donut really worth it? [break]
13. Carry healthy snack items all the time[break]
14. Train to run a 5k [break]
15. Don’t drink you calories [break]
16. Drinking coffee, not sugar coffee drinks[break]
17. Get rid of fast foods and fried foods [break]
18. Don’t skip meals[break]
19. Eat breakfast[break]
20. Avoid alcohol[break]
21. Watch grazing while you prepare food [break]
22. Go easy on salt[break]
23. Stay away from crash diets[break]
24. Limit eating out [break]
25. Eat your vegetables first[break]
26. Make use of a food journal[break]
27. Eat at the table and not somewhere else[break]
28. Bring your own lunch to work[break]
29. Add more spices into your recipes[break]
30. Avoid processed foods[break]
31. Think positive[break]
32. Manage stress[break]
33. Get your family involved[break]
34. Get enough sleep[break]
35. Get physically moving every day[break]
36. Exercise at least 3 days a week [break]
37. Walk or ride your bike instead of driving[break]
38. Choose exercise options that work for you and that you enjoy[break]
39. Find a parking spot far away [break]
40. Use the stairs instead of the elevator[break]
41. Pace yourself [break]
42. Vary your routines so you don’t get bored[break]
43. Take a day off from your exercise routines [break]
44. Complete a 30 Miles in 30 Days Challenge[break]
45. Learn more about exercising[break]
46. Walk around the park[break]
47. Know when to stop[break]
48. Start your workout program properly[break]
49. Work out at home[break]
50. Complete the Jillian Michaels’s 30 Day Shred[break]
51. Complete a 100 Pushups Challenge[break]
52. Complete P90X[break]
53. Work out at a gym[break]
54. Complete a 200 Sit-ups Challenge[break]
55. Complete a 200 Squats Challenge[break]
56. Maximize your time at the gym[break]
57. Get moving after lunch[break]
58. Play outside with your kids more[break]
59. Do a 30×30 Challenge (30 minutes of physical activity for 30 days) [break]
60. Do some physical activity during commercial breaks[break]
61. Hit the dance floor[break]
62. Complete a 30 Day Yoga Challenge[break]
63. Clean your room/house once a week – it burns a lot of calories [break]
64. Do breathing exercises[break]
65. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile; you’re doing great![break]
66. Fitness is not all about losing weight; it’s about getting healthy and feeling better[break]
67. Take your measurements once a week [break]
68. Set up your environment at home or work to get fit[break]
69. Get new ideas for healthy recipes and new exercises off the internet[break]
70. Lift light weights. More muscle means less fat.[break]
71. Do cardio[break]
72. Eat before hitting the grocery store[break]
73. Eat slowly[break]
74. Bring a grocery list and stick to it[break]
75. Avoid junk foods[break]
76. Drink a large glass of water before every meal[break]
77. Eat protein at every meal or stay hungry and grouchy[break]
78. Slash your intake of refined flours and grains[break]
79. Eat 30 to 50 grams of fiber a day[break]
80. Learn to read food labels so you know what you are eating[break]
81. Stop guessing about portion size and get it right – for good.[break]
82. Make your own food and eat at least ten meals a week from home [break]
83. Get rid of junk food in your pantry! [break]
84. Remember to breathe[break]
85. Stay hydrated when you work out[break]
86. Accept your body type and learn to love it!!![break]
87. Stretch, stretch, stretch[break]
88. Try new things[break]
89. Get goals throughout the process[break]
90. Reward yourself along the way (massage, foot rub, new outfit, etc.) [break]
91. Be prepared! Fill your freezer with easy healthy meals[break]
92. Pack your exercise bag and leave it in your car.[break]
93. Put your workout shoes next to your bed so you see them all the time[break]
94. Eat dark chocolate instead of milk or white chocolate [break]
95. Take the Jump Rope Challenge[break]
96. Go swimming [break]
97. Take a bike ride[break]
98. Eat apples (they help lose weight) [break]
99. Skip like you were in 3rd grade[break]
100. Try interval training [break]
101. Smile! It burns more calories than frowning [break][break]

In addition to becoming a healthier YOU, you could win the grand prize of a fantastic Girl Scouts gift basket and other prizes! BONUS: You get to help us provide valuable Girl Scout programs to girls who would not otherwise be able to![break][break]
Donate online at or by mailing a check to:[break]
GSCCS, 1377 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93711[break]
Donations must be made by September 21, 2013 in order to qualify for the gift bag opportunity drawing.[break][break]
Questions? Call (800) 490-8653 ext 155 or email[break]
Please write and send pictures of your summer challenge! THANK YOU![break]

101 Things To Do This Summer

101 Things To Do This Summer for Girl Scouts

Keep yourself busy, and earn a Community Service patch while helping GSCCS.
Together we can help more girls enjoy the fun and friendship of Girl Scouting!

Girls, please pick 2 – 3 items that you have never done from each of the first four sections, for a total of 10 items. Then have your family sponsor you for $2 or more per item completed. For the last section (Recycling and Donating) we would like everyone to participate.

If you donate $20, you get a Community Service patch.
If you donate $30, you get a Community Service patch as well as the FROGS Supporter patch.
If you donate $40, you get both patches AND a GSCCS 100th Anniversary mug!

$20 will pay for 1 girl membership for a girl who could not afford to become a Girl Scout
$30 will help pay for a girl’s uniform and program supplies
$40 will help pay for an outing or adventure activity for a girl
$100 will help pay for a day at camp for 4 girls
$250 will help pay for a whole year of programs for a girl

Sports & Games

1. Basketball learn the different positions then play a game
2. Learn two new games of tag such as Shadow tag, Freeze tag, TV tag.
3. Learn and play Four Square
4. Chinese Jump Rope with a couple of your friends
5. Hopscotch – make two different courts and play both
6. Jump rope 101 times
7. Play a game of Tetherball
8. Softball – learn the rules and play
9. Do a cartwheel
10. Learn how to do a back walkover
11. Karate- learn the four basic stances
12. Go bowling and bowl a strike
13. Learn the rules of 8 and 9 ball in billiards; then play one game of each
14. Learn and do two different types of strokes in swimming
15. Roller Skating – learn how to stop in quad-skates
16. Ice Skating – learn to do swizzles
17. Run a mile
18. Yoga – learn and do four poses
19. Pilates – learn and do four different moves
20. Ballet – learn and do the five basic positions
21. Play jacks; if you don’t know how ask your Mom or Grandma
22. Learn two Hip Hop dance moves
23. Hula Hoop for 101 seconds
24. Play a game of darts
25. Take a bike ride

STEM – Science Technology Engineering & Math

1. Make a Lemon Powered Clock
2. Learn about 5 Elements on the Periodic Table and their Symbols
3. Use Vinegar and Baking Soda to make a volcanic eruption
4. Learn about a Female Inventor or Scientist
5. Make different types of Paper Airplanes; tell someone the differences
6. Learn how to read a tide chart
7. Have a lemonade stand; calculate your profit; then donate half to Girl Scouts
8. Learn a math trick
9. Learn a first aid technique such as RICE, the Heimlich Manoeuvre and CPR
10. Learn about an important woman in the medical field
11. Learn about interest; put money in a savings account and watch it grow.
12. Design and build something that will allow you to drop an egg and not break it
13. Learn four different types of clouds
14. Make a tornado in a bottle
15. Learn how to make your own invisible ink
16. Taste test slices of apples and potatoes while you close your eyes and plug your nose.
17. Research to find out about two different careers per STEM subject.
18. Find out how much you would weigh on each of the Planets
19. Make your own rock candy
20. Bend water with static electricity
21. Make homemade bread
22. Explore a tide pool
23. Learn about an animal and then visit it at a zoo
24. Use vinegar to clean 101 pennies; then donate them to Girl Scouts
25. Complete 101 math problems at your grade level

Crafts & Art

1. Make friendship bracelets
2. Cover a book using old clothes (recycling)
3. Make a sit-upon
4. Make a daisy chain
5. Make an Eye of God
6. Make a ring from a peach pit
7. Paint a watercolor picture
8. Make paper flowers
9. Make a Cootie Catcher
10. Make a picture outside using wet chalk
11. Make your own paper
12. Make a stained glass window out of wax paper
13. Learn how to cast-on in knitting
14. Learn how to make a chain stitch in crochet
15. Make a cross stitch or plastic canvas project
16. Learn how to operate a sewing machine
17. Paint a wood item of your choice (jewelry box, bird House, etc.)
18. Make an old t-shirt new again by cutting and tying it
19. Make a bag from an old t-shirt
20. Tie dye something
21. Make a pinch pot out of clay
22. Make a pet rock
23. Make a dream catcher
24. Make and fly a kite
25. Press flowers and make art with them

Summer Fun

1. Learn how to make a new knot
2. Camp out in your back yard
3. Learn how to build a campfire
4. Learn two campfire songs
5. Make a fort inside your house
6. Go bird watching in your backyard or neighborhood
7. Learn how to short sheet a bed then do it
8. Play Marco Polo in the pool
9. Make up a ghost story and tell it to a friend
10. Take a hike
11. Learn the art of Japanese T-Shirt folding
12. Read a classic with a girl as the main character
13. Make a bird feeder out of a pine cone
14. Go to the park
15. Run in the sprinklers
16. Have a water balloon fight
17. Take a trip
18. Explore your local library, find an adventure book and read it
19. Make a sand castle
20. Go fishing
21. Grow a vegetable and eat it
22. Make a giant bubble
23. Set up a lemonade stand and donate half of the profits to Girl Scouts
24. Spend a day volunteering for a local community service group
25. Visit with an older family member and find out what it was like when they were your age.

Recycling & Donating

1. Turn trash into cash for your Sister Girl Scouts!
Donate the cash made from recycling to help another girl become a Girl Scout!

Donate online at or by mailing a check to:
GSCCS, 1377 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93711
Donations must be made by September 21, 2013 in order to qualify for patches and mug.
Questions? Call (800) 490-8653 ext 155 or email
Please write and send pictures of your summer fun! THANK YOU!

Orange Cove Challenge and Change Dog Clinic

City of Orange Cove and Girl Scouts Partner on Dog Clinic


When given the opportunity to make a difference in their community, Girl Scouts from Orange Cove chose to make a change through their furry friends.

On Saturday, June 15 at James Eaton Park in Orange Cove, Girl Scouts partnered with the City of Orange Cove to host a Dog Clinic from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. At this clinic they licensed and vaccinated dogs for minimal prices, subsidized by the City of Orange Cove. This was the second year the City of Orange Cove financed this clinic. There were also pets available for adoption, and Girl Scouts distributed flyers to dog owners about ways to help keep their pets safe on the Fourth of July. This event was a step towards the girls’ end goal for their community take action project: to establish a permanent pet clinic in Orange Cove.


Girl Scouts of Central California South organized a retreat on April 20, 2013 for Girl Scouts from Orange Cove and Orosi to work on a sustainable Challenge and Change project in their community. This Youth Leadership Development retreat, funded by the USDA Rural Youth Development, encouraged girls to make a change in their community. Girls learn leadership skills, responsibility, and ways to improve their future career prospects. Local community leaders from Exeter, Dinuba, Lindsay, and Orosi were presenters at this retreat:
Ernie Hernandez, former United Way Tulare Executive Director
Susan Manuel, Executive Director, Ruiz 4 Kids
Suzi Picaso, President, Picaso’s Passion, Inc.
Yolanda Valdez, Assistant Superintendent, Cutler-Orosi Unified School District


Girl Scouts used a community building survey created by United Way of Tulare County to ask local youth their opinion on community needs, and their thoughts on their future education options and possible careers. The girls analyzed these surveys and then created story boards depicting current conditions in their community and their vision for the future. Through this exercise, the girls concluded there were too many stray and homeless pets in Orange Cove and Orosi, and decided to work on projects to educate their own communities to effect positive change.


The local Girl Scouts also decided to create t-shirt designs that they wore to raise awareness about their project. Girl Scouts of Central California South encouraged community members and peers to ask Girl Scouts about the t-shirts in order to support, encourage, and spread the word about their Challenge and Change project.


For more information about the USDA Grant and the Challenge and Change Rural Youth Development project, go to

Girl Scout honored as exiting Princess at Pow-Wow

If she’s not involved with Girl Scout activities, you just may find HadezbahBrisa B. dancing. Her love of dancing goes past the jazz and tap she has done in the past, but reaches a whole other level and reflects her passion for her culture. HadezbahBrisa, known as Breezy, can be found this weekend dancing at the 13th Annual Table Mountain Rancheria Pow-Wow.
While she will be dancing at the Pow-Wow, Breezy is also being recognized as the Rancheria’s outgoing Junior Princess for 2012.

 Breezy has been the Junior Princess not only for 2012, but also 2011 and 2009.

Junior Princess is an honor that entails a lot of commitment. Breezy has already proven herself to be a determined self starter. She also sold 2,000 Girl Scout cookies this season making her the top seller for Madera county and being recognized as a Girl Scout S.S.S.S.H Girl (Super Sellers Secret Society Honors). She has also earned a Girl Scout Bronze Award for community service, and has started planning for her Silver Award project which will focus on childhood obesity prevention.

Breezy was among the Native American dancers that previewed their Pow-Wow dances on KMPH’s Great Day morning show.
The 13th Annual Table Mountain Rancheria Pow-Wow is June 7-9 and will be honoring Veterans, specifically the United States Air Force. This event is free and open to the public and begins at 6:00 PM Friday evening and goes throughout the weekend until 7:00 PM on Sunday.

Volunteer Today

Did you know that any adult, male or female, can be a Girl Scout volunteer? There are many ways to participate and make a difference in the lives of young women ages 5-17.

Why Volunteer?

• To give back to the community by being a positive influence in girls’ lives
• To benefit from multiple training opportunities and on-going skill development
• To gain professional experience, enhance resumes and expand reference contacts
• To grow personally from pushing inner limits and having new experiences
• To meet interesting people and develop life-long friends with common values Volunteer Opportunities

We realize that today’s busy adult may not be able to make long-term volunteer commitments. That is why we offer flexible options to anyone interested in working with girls.

• Be a mentor by guiding girls to explore their interests and learn about possible careers.
• Work as a Troop leader/ co-leader directly with girls, leading meetings and conducting activities.
• Teach a workshop and help girls learn a skill that you’re passionate about. Work with the Community
• Community Relations – serve as a liaison with community organizations
• Suggest a service project that girls can do to help their community.
• Be a translator and assist with outreach to non-English speaking communities.
• Fall and/or Cookie Product Volunteer – looking for adult men and women to help organize booth locations, arrange, count, and transfer cookies and nuts. Help at our Local Council Office
• Administrative assistance – updating spreadsheets, archiving, sort and label files
• Technology help – computer work, process registration forms and data entry
• Store Volunteer – working in our store Develop Your Leadership Skills
• Become a Committee Member – use your skills and ideas to help the council
• Events – help plan, work at, prepare, and coordinate events.
• Recruiting – Help research events and sites for opportunities to recruit girls, troop leaders and volunteers

Early Bird Registration

Online registrations through E-Biz could win an opportunity prize!
E-Biz is a great resource for all Troops, allowing the leader the opportunity to register more girls and adults to the Troop, verify that all of the girls and adults in the Troop are registered, and check contact information.
This year we are excited to have all current leaders re-register their Troop with the press of a few buttons. After the leader re-registers the members for the next year or registers new members to the Troop, the leader has instant access to the Troop roster, and the members are in the GSUSA database allowing the Council to go green!
Opportunity drawings:
All members re-registered through the E-Biz system between April 1, 2013 and June 30, 2013 for the 2014 membership year will be entered into opportunity drawings. The sooner you re-register the sooner you are eligible to win! Drawings will be held each Friday between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM starting on April 19, 2013 and concluding on July 3, 2013.
• Early bird packets are being distributed, beginning at the April 2013 Service Unit meetings.
• If leaders are unable to make it to their Service Unit meeting, they should contact Melissa Soza at (800) 490-8653 ext.116 to arrange pick up.
• To register online, click here.

• For any questions about online registrations please call (800) 490-8653

Prize opportunities:


Only one prize per person will be allowed. If a program is canceled the winner of the program will receive a different program(s) for the same value.
Prizes do not have a cash value and are transferrable if the winner would like to give it to someone else.
Winner will need to notify the Director of Programs at of the transfer of certificate if a transfer is requested.
Certificate will be required at registration for the program. Lost certificates will not be replaced.

Deadline to complete Early Bird registration is 7/3/13
Splash-Off Rewards[break]
We will be having two Splash Off events this year:

At Wild Water Adventure Park in Clovis
• Cost for Wild Water tickets will be $16/person
• Must re-register for the 2013/2014 year to purchase tickets
• Tickets must be ordered by 7/3/13
• Tickets will be for entry to the park on 7/13/13
• Tickets are only available through the council store
• This is a family event
• Patches will be available for purchase and will cost $1.62 each.[break]

At Hurricane Harbor in Valencia
[break]• Cost for Hurricane Harbor tickets will be $22.50/person
[break]• Must re-register for the 2013/2014 year to purchase tickets
[break]• Tickets must be ordered by 7/3/13
[break]• Tickets will be for entry to the park on 7/20/2013
[break]• Tickets are only available through the council store
[break]• This is a family event
[break]• Patches will be available for purchase and will cost $1.62 each
Early Bird information and forms:
Wild Waters Splash-Off 2013
FROGS Troop Campaign Letter 2013
Leader Self Evaluation
[break]Early Bird Form 2013-2014
Bakersfield Splash-Off 2013
Early Bird Online Registration Drawing

Bring a friend

Catch up with Megan Talbert and Hope

Happy New Year!

            I hope everyone had a great holiday season filled with family and lots of joy! I have enjoyed my winter break back at home, and I will shortly be back to UC Santa Barbara. Over break Hope and I were able to attend a Christmas party at the down town library. The kids were able to participate in crafts and take pictures with Santa, and of course read to the dogs! Hope is a great reading buddy because he never corrects the children’s pronunciation and is a great listener!

            We were also able to attend a group visit to the Valley Health Care Center with other members of TDI (Therapy Dogs International) Fresno.  Hope was able to socialize with his TDI friends and spread some holiday cheer to those living in the center.

            I was very excited to finish my first semester in college. It was a very rewarding and somewhat relieving feeling to know finals were over and I would be returning to my family and friends. After some relaxation, I’m ready to go back to school next week and start my second quarter. Hope all is well and that there is a great year head of all of us!


                        Megan Talbert and Hope

Cookie Program


Where does the money from Cookie Sales go?

All funds remain local, and a portion of the funds goes back to the Troop for educational trips, service projects and personal rewards.

Girls Learn While They Earn!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program, for girls in grade K-12, has become a sophisticated leadership program where girls learn valuable life and business skills. The program calls for the entire Girl Scout troop to collaborate in goal-setting and then follow their plan so that they can earn funds for service projects, educations field trips and other leadership activities. In addition to learning business ethics, public speaking, and money and time management, the girls can earn personal recognition’s such as clothing or an adventure trip.

What else can you do with Cookies?

Click here for delicious recipes with Girl Scout cookies!

Click here for Cookie fun facts!

• Operation Gratitude is our to support military men and women overseas. Just purchase a box of cookies and then donate it to our Operation Gratitude program, and it will be sent overseas to our dedicated soldiers.


2013 Cookie Sales Goal – 1,090,000

2013 Cookie Incentives

750 boxes sold – Cali Girl Trip

  • June 22, 2013 – Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA
  • August 24, 2013 – Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA

500 boxes sold – July 27, 2013 McDermont Field House, Lindsay, CA

2012 SSSSH Girls

Click here!


ABC Smart Cookie Volunteer Resource is a great resource for volunteers to find age specific learning activities, family resource guides, safety information, and great graphics!

ABC Smart Cookie Girl Resource website allows girls to track their individual goals, send e-cards to friends and family members, learn sales techniques, play fun games and cast their vote on fun cookie sale themes for upcoming years.

Cookie Sale tracking is a SNAP! This Troop volunteer only tracking site helps volunteers to report, record and track their Girl Scout and Troops progress throughout the sale. Troop volunteers must first go through training to receive their SNAP Log-in.

2013 Cookie Documents:


2013 Cookie SNAP GUIDE


2013 Cookie Sale Parent Permission Slip


2013 Cookie Program Troop Proceeds in Lieu of Recognitions Agreement

2013 Cookie Program Troop Agreement

2013 Cookie Program SUPC Agreement

2013 Cookie Program Pantry Manager Agreement

2013 Cookie Program Delinquent Account Report

2013 Cookie Program ACH.EFT Agreement

2013 Cookie PANTRY GUIDE

2013 Cookie FAMILY GUIDE

Addendum to Council Volunteer Policy & Procedures and Volunteer Essentials