New Leader Information

Are you a new leader for Girl Scouts? Here are some helpful tips to get you going!

  • First, call your Membership Specialist and arrange to have a new leader orientation.
  • Then look at the training calendar and sign up for Leadership Essentials 1 and  Program Level
NEXT! Do you want to go on fun trips with your troop? You will need the follow trainings if so:
  • Trip Planning– Learn how to work with girls and adults to plan, carry out and evaluate day trips, overnight sleepovers at a home, school, church or hotel. This class is offered face to face or as a take home study course and covers budgeting, safety requirements, emergency procedures, transportation, equipment, insurance and other essential information needed for overnight trips. Required for all meetings outside of your regular meeting place. (one adult per troop).
  • First Aid/CPR– This training consists of hands-on, lecture and visual information on administering CPR and first aid to adults and children. Required if your trip is more than 15 minutes away from emergency response, see Safety Activity Checkpoints for additional requirements.(one adult per troop).
  • Extended Trip – Troop leaders will learn the requirements for extended trip travel, insurance, finances and forms. Complete prior to any trip lasting longer than 72 hours or an international trip.
Wanting to take your troop camping? Be sure to sign up for this training!
  • Outdoor Training A & B – Learn the basics of camping, outdoor skills, outdoor cooking and how to work with your Troop to plan a really great trip. This training includes an evening pre-meeting class (part A) and a full day of outdoor fun! Complete both part A & B prior to a troop camping trip and/or cooking over an open flame (one adult per troop).
Interested in hosting an event in your Service Unit?
  • Sign up for Event-Planning to learn all the basics of planning a fun, successful event!

Other fun training’s:

Facilitating Adult Learning – Previously known as “Train the Trainer.” Required to become a Volunteer Council Trainer.

Enrichment Training’s – Girl Scouts of Central California South offers a variety of adult learning enrichment opportunities to provide new knowledge and skills that you can apply to your own Troop/group. We encourage Troop Leaders to participate in as much of this extra type of training as possible, and go back to your Troops and share the fun. Sign-up to not only enhance your experience but increase the quality of the program for the girls you serve.

 Volunteer Carousel/Faire– This annual event is a fun day of learning and networking. There will be a wide variety of workshops to enrich your leadership experience, including hands on activities, crafts, songs and more.

This is just the beginning! There are many more fun training classes for leaders. Be sure to visit our online calendar often for new classes. .

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