PLEASE SAVE these items for a Holiday Display!

Please save the following items for a holiday display at the Fresno International Airport. The holiday display benefits Girl Scouts of Central California South. *We will post more information on the holiday display soon!
You can bring the items to their council office and leave them for Tori.  For more information please contact Tori at or (800) 490-8653 ext 145.

[list type="1"]

  • Cleaner Clothes Bags
  • Sliced Olive/Chopped Pepper Cans (2-4 oz)
  • Ends off Frozen juice cans
  • Ends off refrigerated biscuits/bread sticks/ crescent roll containers
  • Old Christmas cards
  • Old White socks
  • Old pink socks
  • Old pink tights
  • Old Red Shirts
  • Old Red socks
  • Old Red Sweatshirts
  • Printed Socks
  • White foam trays or food boxes
  • Pastel foam trays
  • Small pastel cat food cans



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