2013 SSSSH Girls

Congratulations to our 2014 Top Girl Scout Cookie Seller!

ilovecookies-Hailey AmosHailey A. of Troop 376 from Kern County

Hailey A. is this year’s top cookie seller! This┬áJunior from SU 649 Countryside exceeded in her goal of 4,000 boxes and sold an amazing 5,177 boxes of cookies. Wow! Great job, Hailey!

Congratulations to the Top selling girls from our five counties!

Kern: Hailey A. – 5,177 boxes
Fresno: Hailey P. – 2,543 boxes
Madera: Brisa B. – 2,503 boxes
Kings: Brianna Z. – 1,300 boxes
Tulare: Ariel M. – 2,600 boxes


Welcome to our 2014 Super Sellers Secret Society Honors Members (S.S.S.S.H.)

These girls all worked very hard this season and sold 1,000 or more boxes of cookies! 19 of these girls sold 1,500 or more boxes!! Congratulations and thank you for your hard work, girls!

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