Staff List

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Cathy Ferguson Ed. D

Chief Executive Officer
Extension: 129

Elida Gonzalez

Chief Financial Officer
Extension: 112

Patty Craven, MBA

Chief Membership & Technology Officer
Extension: 122

Teresa Branic

Senior Director of Operations, Programs & Training
Extension: 113

Jennie Guadagno

Senior Director of Resource Development
Extension: 115

Pamela Mann

Director of Fund Development
Extension: 204

Julie Ulrich

Director of Human Resources and Administration
Extension: 135



Customer Service Representative

Melissa Soza

Membership Experience Specialist
Extension: 116

Kim Delgadillo

Customer Service Representative
Extension: 128

Veronica Emmett

Customer Service Representative
Extension: 205

Membership Development

Lisa English

Membership Development Specialist
Fresno County – Extension: 143

Barbara Hilger

Membership Development Specialist
Kern/Tulare County – Extension: 214

Yvette Medina

Membership Development Specialist
Kings/Tulare/Fresno County – Extension: 138

Luke Fisher

Membership Development Specialist
Fresno/Madera County – Extension: 157

Tinelle Meriweather

Membership Development Specialist
Kern County – Extension: 244


Karla Morga

Extension: 120

Girl Scouts Connect

Katie Collins, MSP (Psychology)

Girl Scouts Connect Supervisor
Fresno/Madera County – Extension: 131

Rachelle Beavers

Girl Scouts Connect Supervisor
Kern/Southern Tulare Counties – Extension: 210

Elva Strawn

Girl Scouts Connect Supervisor
Tulare/Kings County – Extension: 224

Jovita Martinez

Girl Scouts Connect Activity Coordinator
Fresno/Madera County – Extension: 137

Kaira Barragan

Girl Scouts Connect Activity Coordinator
Fresno/Madera County – Extension: 111

Alejandra Santiago

Girl Scouts Connect Activity Coordinator
Kern/Southern Tulare Counties – Extension: 210

Karina Minchaca

Girl Scouts Connect Activity Coordinator
Tulare/Kings Counties – Extension: 224



Dolores Garibai

Accounting Assistant
Extension: 140

Lashay Roberts

Accounting Clerk
Extension: 144


Programs, Training & Operations

Michelle Loyd

Program Leadership Manager
Extension: 200

Candice Blair

Program Leadership Coordinator
Extension: 119

Brook Borgerson

Program Coordinator
Extension: 237

Tina McCallister-Boothe

Event Specialist
Extension: 136


Volunteer Development

Angelique Chavez

Manager, Volunteers and Alumnae
Extension: 130

Josue Gutierrez

Volunteers Coordinator
Extension: 132


Product Sales

Dacia Poulson

Product Program Manager
Extension: 118

Kerrie Ann Camacho

Product Program Coordinator
Extension: 203


Fund Development

Dawn Deis

Fund Development Assistant
Extension: 155


Marketing and Communications

Jordan King

Communications Manager
Extension: 145


Gold Mine Store Staff

Stephanie Branic

Supervisor of the Fresno Retail Store
Extension: 124

Delia Machuca

Sales Associate
Extension: 202

Javier Quintana

Admin. Assistant & Sales Associate
Extension: 139


Jesus Diaz

IT Help Desk Agent

Extension: 133


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