Update on Haven H. (from mom, Shannon)

Cat2Haven has a passion for photography. She has an artist’s heart and you can see it in her pictures. She just made state in her competition with a program though her school called Skills USA. This is her second year competing. She took second place regional with her pictures and now at state level, they assign an professional photographer to work with Haven and show her different techniques to really open up her range for shooting photos.

Haven’s motto is “doesn’t matter which camera you use, you can take a good photo on any camera. It’s the angle that you shoot and the life you capture that counts.” (To prove this some of the pictures she took for competition she did with an Iphone. Can you tell which ones???)

The great thing about Haven is she still is a green blood girl scout though and though… with her passion for taking pictures she’s using it to help in the community. Haven is doing senior portraits for kids at her school. Some that can’t afford the ones though the school, or some that are not very confident.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes at State which is in April.

**Below are pictures taken by Haven**






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