Women Inspiring Girls

Women Inspiring Girls Awards Luncheon, Bakersfield!

[break] On Friday, October 4, 2013 we recognized and honored three dynamic women who distinguished themselves in the Bakersfield community, in their professions, and as role models for girls. Honorees were recognized at a luncheon which benefited Girl Scout Connect, a program for economically disadvantaged girls. [break] [break]

Joan Dezember – Community Volunteer

Betty Shaneyfelt Finch – First Female Homicide Detective Kern County/Gourd Artist[break] Cynthia Pollard – President and CEO, Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce[break] [break] [line][break]

We invite you to be a sponsor for our Women Inspiring Girls Luncheon. Please find out sponsorship levels and fill out the sponsorship form.

[break] For further information on next year’s event, please contact Pamela Mann at (661) 327-1409 ext. 204 or pmann@girlscoutsccs.org[break] [line]

Thank you to our sponsors for Women Inspiring Girls 2013!

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History of Women Inspiring Girls

Girl Scouts of Central California South’s Women Inspiring Girls awards honors dynamic women who have distinguished themselves through exemplary achievements in the community, in their professions, and as role models for girls. This annual event was started in 2009 and has so far honored 27 trail-blazing women from Fresno and Kern Counties, women who have inspired their communities to try a bit harder, to reach a bit further, and to believe in themselves.

Girl Scouts from grades K-12 play a major part in the running the event and in its production; they are in charge of the flag ceremony, they act as Mistresses of Ceremony, and they provide entertainment that increases guests’ knowledge of the value of Girl Scouting. In doing so, they improve their presentation skills and learn teamwork while building their self-confidence.[break] [break] Women Inspiring Girls Patch! This patch is for girls who have been part of our Women Inspiring Girls luncheons in Fresno and Bakersfield. This girl-led event prepares Girl Scouts for their leadership roles of the future. Girls manage the flag ceremony, lead the Pledge of Allegiance, sing the national Anthem, present the honorees, tell their personal stories and are the Mistresses of Ceremony at this event. They learn public speaking, professionalism and teamwork. [break][break]

How are the honorees selected?

A call for nominations is sent out to the local community through the media and Girl Scout communications. A selection panel of past honorees and community leaders meets to review the nominations submitted and three women are selected based on the award’s criteria.


What is the criteria?

• Service to the community and making a difference in people’s lives

• Being a role model for girls

• Overcoming obstacles to attain goals

• Outstanding leadership qualities

• Being known as a leader in her area of expertise


What does this award mean?

Women Inspiring Girls are women who embody and personify the mission of Girl Scouts of being women of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place. These luncheons provide funding for the Girl Scouts Connect Program which every year gives more than 5,000 local girls the chance to become Girl Scouts, learn values and practical life skills, and realize their full potential.


Inspiring Girls Society

Fresno Alumnae


[three-columns] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Ashley Swearengin [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Mayor, City of Fresno [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Nancy Hinds [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Founder and Executive Director, Hinds Hospice [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell_last] [titles] [cell_title ]Olga Martinez [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle] [/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]President/CEO, Allright Diversified Services, Inc. [/cell_text] [/one_cell_last] [/three-columns] [line]


[three-columns] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Lisa Casarez [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Founder and Executive Director, Angels of Grace Foster Family Agency [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Cynthia Karraker [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Founder and Advocate, All About Care/Camp Care [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell_last] [titles] [cell_title ]Yrma Rico [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle] [/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]President, Weber BMW [/cell_text] [/one_cell_last] [/three-columns] [line]


[three-columns] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Susan Early [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Owner, Dumont Printing & Mailing [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Deby Hergenrader [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Co-Founder and Executive Director, Break the Barriers [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell_last] [titles] [cell_title ]Margaret Mims [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle] [/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Sheriff, Fresno County Sheriff’s Office [/cell_text] [/one_cell_last] [/three-columns] [line]


[three-columns] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]LaDonna Snow [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]President of Snowflake Designs [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Maria L. Gutierrez [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Retired Senior Vice President/Regional Director of Univision [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell_last] [titles] [cell_title ]LeAnn Gouveia [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Executive Director of Fresno Survivors of Suicide Loss, Inc. [/cell_text] [/one_cell_last] [/three-columns] [line]


[three-columns] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Cathy Caples[/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text] Executive Director, HandsOn Central California [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Paulette Fleming[/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Executive Director of Partners-in-Art/Fresno State Art and Design Professor [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell_last] [titles] [cell_title ]Leena Mendoza[/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Staff Services Analyst, Caltrans/United Way of Fresno County Loaned Exec. [/cell_text] [/one_cell_last] [/three-columns] [line]

Bakersfield Alumnae


[three-columns] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Sue Benham [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Chief Development Officer, Memorial Hospital, City Council Member, Ward 2 [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Barbara Grimm-Marshall [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Co-owner, Grimmway Enterprises [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell_last] [titles] [cell_title ]Dr. Sandra Serrano[/cell_title] [cell_subtitle] [/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Chancellor, Kern Community College District [/cell_text] [/one_cell_last] [/three-columns] [line]


[three-columns] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]RoseMary Wahl [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Under-sheriff, Kern County Sheriff’s Office [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Dr. Wendy Wayne [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Former Executive Director, First Five Sadly, we lost Wendy on June 17th, 2012. Rest in Peace. [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell_last] [titles] [cell_title ]Stella McMurtrey [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle] [/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Co-owner, Southern Auto Supply [/cell_text] [/one_cell_last] [/three-columns] [line]


[three-columns] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Irma Carson [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Executive Director, Ebony Counseling Center [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Robin Mangarin Scott [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Director of Strategic Marketing, Mercy & Memorial Hospitals [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell_last] [titles] [cell_title ]Ginger Moorhouse [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle] [/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Publisher and Chairman of the Board, The Bakersfield Californian  [/cell_text] [/one_cell_last] [/three-columns]

[line] 2012

[three-columns] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Geri Spencer [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Retired beautician, community leader and advocate for women’s health [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell] [titles] [cell_title ]Judi McCarthy [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text] Director of Kern Community Foundation, Founding Chair of the Women’s and Girls’ Fund [/cell_text] [/one_cell] [one_cell_last] [titles] [cell_title ]Peggy Cole Darling [/cell_title] [cell_subtitle][/cell_subtitle] [/titles] [cell_text]Philanthropist with the Fox Theater Foundation [/cell_text] [/one_cell_last] [/three-columns] [line]

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