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COVID-19 and the Shelter in Place Order didn’t stop Girl Scouts from having fun in the outdoors. Just look at Gisele camping in her backyard. “Just because of COVID-19 doesn’t mean you can’t do great things! I had so much fun sleeping outside and watching the stars.”

Explore Outdoors

Outdoor adventures await at Girl Scouts of Central California South!

Welcome to your one-stop shop for all things outdoors. Our Council is dedicated to supporting year-round outdoor experiences (day, weekend and sleep-away) programs are made available for girls, Girl Scout Troops and families.

Studies show that girls today are not spending nearly enough time outdoors. Technology and structured activities leave less time for girls to get outside and enjoy nature. But as a Girl Scout, she’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore interests and earn badges in areas such as camping, environmental stewardship, trail adventures, horseback riding, and many more. When girls spend quality time outdoors and increase their exposure to nature, they thrive physically, emotionally, and intellectually. 

Not a Girl Scout? No problem–become a Girl Scout member, create your account and immediately get access to all Girl Scout programs.

"You get to learn many skills involving the outdoors, survival, and nature. Girl Scouts has helped me learn how to properly do things and now I can go out into the world experienced, safe, and having a great time!" -Patience



Experienced Girl Scouts often take interest in a unique area, such as water sports or trail and mountain exploration.

We offer adventure-seeking travel experiences, so girls can focus on what they love most about the outdoors.

More information about Trailblazers coming soon!

binoculars_32 Camp Opportunities

There is plenty of research to show that spending time in nature can nurture creativity and healthy social development, and help girls gain the skills to seek and conquer challenges. At our Council's upcoming camp opportunities, girls can discover and connect with the natural world, and learn how to take action like a G.I.R.L.! Whether in a tent or a cabin, with fellow Girl Scout sisters, Council staff or fantastic volunteers, a summer of adventure awaits.  

For more camp opportunities check out Camp El-O-Win 

tree3_32 Outdoor Skills

Looking to learn, develop and gain new Outdoor Skill? Well, check out GSCCS's Outdoor Skills workshops as they teach and prepare girls to explore the Outdoors.

Outdoor Skills: SWAPS

(All Levels): Girl Scouts learn about an old scouting tradition and learn to make fun, wearable crafts for their Girl Scout sisters.

Outdoor Skills: Knots

(Brownies & Up): Girl Scouts learn basic knot tying for different occasions and needs

Outdoor Skills: Compass

(Juniors & Up): Girl Scouts learn the use of a compass. and how it can help them in different outdoor situations and the importance of maintaining one’s sense of direction in an outdoor setting.

Outdoor Skills: Knife Safety

(Juniors & Up): Girl Scouts learn knife safety, get to whittle soap and learn the parts of a Swiss Army knife.

Part A

Girl Scouts will learn knife safety including how to open, close, and pass a pocket knife.  They will practice carving and creating with their new skill. 

Part B

Girl Scouts will practice knife safety with a pocket knife.  They will practice whittling and craving with their new skill. 

Outdoor Skills: Lashing

(Juniors & Up): Girl Scouts learn proper knots when lashing. This builds on skills learned in Knots.

Outdoor Skills: Cooking

(Juniors & Up): Girl Scouts learn basic outdoor cooking skills, safety and recipes and get to eat their own creations.

Part A
Part B
Outdoor Skills: Fire Building

(Brownies & Up): Girl Scouts learn proper fire building techniques, and the basics of starting a fire and keeping it going in different types of weather, and most Importantly being safe.

Outdoor Skills: First Aid

(All Levels): Girl Scouts learn basic first aid, caring for minor wounds and the best way to help if someone is injured.

Part A
Part B
Outdoor Skills: Gear Basics

(Brownies & Up): Girl Scouts will learn how to pack a backpack for hiking and backpacking trips.  We will also learn how use camp tools like camp stoves, lanterns, and other gear. 

Outdoor Skills: Tents

(Brownies & Up): Girl Scouts will learn the different types of tents and learn how they're used in different environments. They'll also learn how to set up a dome tent and even build their own tent using poles and a tarp! 

Outdoor Skills: Trail Signs

(All Levels): Girl Scouts will learn this classic skill of communicating on the trail using sticks and rocks.  Trail signs tell others about your path, dangers on the trail or how to track your way.  

"Being in Girl Scouts you get to learn and experience many things. One of the best things would be being outdoors. There is in infinite amount of activities to do outside and Girl Scouts covers a lot of them. We go camping, skating, surfing, kayaking, hiking, and many, many more. I have the biggest passion for nature and experiencing new things. Girl Scouts is a great way for me to be able to accomplish that dream!" -Maelyn

Are you a Troop Leader looking for more resources for the climbing badge. Check this website out!