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Congratulations to our August Volunteer of the Month, Candice Lewis. Candice says, "I have been blessed with a daughter late in my life and never had the opportunity to be a Girl Scout when I was young. My mother didn't have the time or money due to being a single parent. Being a volunteer is an honor and an opportunity for me and my daughter to make new friends." Thank you, Candice, for being an outstanding volunteer.

About Volunteer of the Month

Here at Girl Scouts of Central California South, we love our volunteers! Every month we are highlighting an outstanding volunteer to show our appreciation. Our Girl Scout Volunteers are dedicated and caring mentors that guide girls through the Girl Scout program by providing a safe and comfortable space, learning, fun and play, and of course the Girl Scout Leadership Experience! Volunteers are essential to what we do at Girl Scouts. They give their time and talents to teach girls skills that last a lifetime.

Every Volunteer of the Month will be highlighted on the Girl Scouts of Central California South Facebook page. They also receive a custom patch and a thank you card from CEO, Dr. Russel Statham. Check out some amazing stories about Girl Scout Volunteers below.

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Past Volunteers of the Month

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Teresa Morales

When Troop 5026 was on the verge of disbanding because the previous leader joined the council staff, Terry stepped up without hesitation. She understood how important Girl Scouting is and has helped a group of girls continue scouting while quietly taking care of her husband during cancer treatments. Terry is very attentive and actively engages girls of all ages while making their parents feel welcome. She opened her home to complete strangers and transformed her spare bedroom to become the troop’s cookie cupboard during the first cookie season. Terry has always had a passion for Girl Scouts and used to be a Girl Scout herself. Thank you Terry for your dedication to our Girl Scouts. 

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