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Honor Troop

Girls with microscope for Volunteer Essentials

Let everyone in Girl Scouts of Central California South know your troop is special!

Honor Troop is a Girl Scout tradition practiced by Councils across the country to recognize troops that have gone above and beyond throughout the Girl Scout Year. It’s a prestigious award that girls achieve together, and it ensures that troops are getting a well-rounded Girl Scout experience.

Honor Troop requirements can also be a great place to start when planning your Girl Scout year! At the beginning of the Girl Scout year, troop members should decide together if they want to work toward Honor Troop recognition and plan the year accordingly.

What a great way to provide your troop with a complete Girl Scout experience all year long!! Not only will the troop gain the valuable reward of a comprehensive Girl Scout experience but girls receive an Honor Troop Patch or Year Star and the joy of a job well done.

Every troop can be an Honor Troop!! Get started today to ensure that your troop has to opportunity to be recognized in the upcoming year. All of the Honor Troop requirements must b