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Ways to be Girl Scout

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Traditional Girl Scout

Join a troop and you’ll always have something to look forward to! You’ll get together with your friends to play games and sing songs; go on field trips to museums and nature centers; and explore the outdoors.

Earn badges as you learn to do all kinds of fun things—like paint pictures, camp out, make jewelry, go geocaching, create inventions, conduct science experiments, plant gardens, and oh, so much more.

Whether you get together once a week or once a month, you’ll find yourself counting the days until your troop meeting starts—and the fun continues!


Other Ways to be a Girl Scout


The Juliette program is Girl Scouting custom-made for you! Girl Scout Juliettes can mix and match their unique interests with Girl Scout participation. Through the highest awards, weekend workshops, leadership opportunities, and travel, girls create experiences that improve their skills and help them achieve their goals.

Juliettes can participate in all Girl Scout activities open to her grade level. She can attend council-sponsored programs such as events, year-round camp experiences, and travel opportunities. As a Juliette, she will work on Girl Scout programs with a parent or another adult mentor.

As the parent/caregiver of a Girl Scout Juliette, your involvement will help shape your Juliette’s experience. As her guide, she’ll see your commitment to her growth and before you know it, you’ll be growing, too. As a parent/caregiver, you:

  • Sign the girl membership form and pay the annual $25 national membership dues. This membership fee also provides insurance coverage when she is involved in Girl Scout activities.
  • Are encouraged to become an adult Girl Scout member, take our online training, and attend Girl Scout activities with your girl.
  • Support your girl’s commitment to the Girl Scout Juliette Program. This means guiding her through badges and journeys, taking her to events, supporting a Highest Awards project, and more.
  • Help your girl participate in Girl Scout Product Programs by following safety guidelines and helping her check over her orders.
  • Provide funds for special events and activities or request financial assistance from our Council.
Girl Scout Alum

As a Girl Scout alum, you know just how transforming Girl Scouts can be. You hiked trails, camped out under the stars, and used your skills to sell Thin Mints and Shortbread cookies. You honed your skills with each badge and patch you earned and ultimately learned how to be a leader.

By reconnecting with Girl Scouts, you’ll continue to be a part of a sisterhood and network of millions who are passionate about the Girl Scout Mission, just like you.

Click here to check out our GSCCS Alum page

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