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Fall Product

Nuts, Candies & Magazines

Did you know Girl Scouts sell more than cookies? While Girl Scouts Cookies are sold during the spring, fall is time for nuts, candies, magazines and more. These treats are perfect stocking stuffers and holiday gifts, but they also give Girl Scouts a head start on raising funds for their next year of Girl Scouting.


This year, our Girl Scouts are selling everything from chocolate to nuts, to gummies to magazines, to College Mascot Tumblers and vegtables to plant in your own backyard.

Keep an eye out for local Girl Scouts through December 2, 2018.

Looking to purchase Fall Product?

Are you looking to purchase Fall Product items but don't know a Girl Scout? You can still support our local girls! By purchasing through the following account, you are supporting 5,000 local girls who are part of our Girl Scout Connect Program. This program provides membership scholarships to girls who would otherwise be unable to be Girl Scouts. 

To purchase any of our Fall Product items, visit and use the code 24T8YB9. From there, you can either shop our 600+ magazine titles, organic plants or tumblers OR shop Nuts & Candies. All purchased benefit our local Girl Scouts!

For our Girl Scouts selling Fall Product:
Please find our unify link here. If you have any questions, please contact Unify Customer Care at (877)305-4146. Additional questions, please contact our Product Department at