GirlSports was created decades ago to highlight all of the amazing sports and healthy-living activities that girls are involved in through Girl Scouts.

We all know that self-confidence is an essential quality of all great leaders. That’s why it’s so important for Girl Scouts to explore the best ways to develop their own self-confidence so that they can reach their full potential as future leaders. Participation in sports can be a big part of building that self-confidence.

GirlSports utilizes the existing Legacy Athlete badges to encourage girls to have fun, stay active, and lead healthy lifestyles. Girls also earn five age-appropriate badges that teach them about fair play, practicing with a purpose, good sportsmanship, cross-training, and coaching. These include:


In 2003, the Girl Scout Research Institute (GSRI), a leading global resource on the attitudes and behaviors of girls, released The New Normal? What Girls Say About Healthy Living, which reported that for most girls, being healthy has more to do with appearing “normal” and feeling accepted than with following a good diet and getting regular exercise. At the same time, the research shows that physical activity in particular is one of the strongest predictors of both physical and emotional health. Girls need access to more opportunities for informal, less competitive physical activities in safe environments where they don’t feel self-conscious about their looks or abilities, where they can choose the activities they want, and where they can be active in ways that make them generally comfortable.

Download the GirlSports booklet sponsored by Nestlé USA, inaugural GirlSports partner of Girl Scouts of the USA, to encourage girls to play sports and be active!

This new 12-page GirlSports booklet highlights Girl Scout program offerings to girls in sports through the five athlete badges, The Make Your Own badge, and Online activities and the photo wall at

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