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IMG_5395 - CopyIn hopes to make your registration process as easy as possible, below are steps and instructions to becoming a Girl Scout. If you have any questions regarding this process, please send an email to


To register online, scroll over our “Programs for Girls” tab and select “Join Today”. This will open up e-Biz where you can register yourself or your daughter to be part of the largest girl-led organization.

NOTE: Not all web browsers are supported by e-Biz. Google Chrome and Firefox seem to work best when viewing e-Biz. Safari is sporadic in their compatibility with e-Biz. More recently, the Internet Explorer 10 upgrade is incompatible.


Once at the Online Registration site, click on the “New Online Account” button if you have not yet created a Username & Password for e-Biz. NOTE: Passwords need to have 7 characters and must contain a combination of letters & numbers.

Registration Process

• Fill in the requested information on the page that comes up, hit the green CONTINUE button.

• A pop up screen will ask you several questions. If you are new to our Girl Scout Council please select CONTINUE to create a new user profile.

• Go to Step 2 please fill in a Username, Password and Challenge question/answer.

• Go to Step 3 and fill in your contact information (phone number and email).

• Please check the box under the phone number section if you would like to receive text messages and/or emails from Girl Scouts.

• Click the green SUBMIT ONLINE PROFILE button.

• On the next screen that comes up please select ADD CHILDREN OR ADULTS in order to add your daughter.

• Please fill in all the required spaces for your daughter’s information. Click the CONTINUE button.

• Please verify the contact information. Click the green SUBMIT ONLINE PROFILE button.

• Once you have filled in the requested information you should see a family page that has your family members listed.

• Please check the box next to the name(s) you wish to register (you can click more than one box/name).

• Next to the green GO button is a dropdown arrow, please select Purchase Girl Scout membership and hit GO.

• This will walk you through the steps of registering the first person whose name was selected; it will then go back to the second and third name(s) selected before you are prompted to pay if more than one name was selected.

• At the end you will be asked to pay for all the memberships that were checked and being renewed. A receipt page will appear after you enter in your payment information. Please print this page for your records.

Optional: Become a Girl Scout of Central California South Family Giving Partner. Select a donation amount(s) on the payment page when you renew.


Already a Girl Scout?

If you’re already a Girl Scout, here are some helpful instructions for you!

Create an E-Biz Account (PDF)

Family Manager How To (PDF)

Troop Manager How To (PDF)

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