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Girl Scouts of the USA is the largest organization for girls in the world. Our mission is to build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. Through activities in science and technology, business and economic literacy, and outdoor and environmental awareness, Girl Scouting provides girls with opportunities for fun and friendship, while fostering the development of leadership skills and self-esteem.

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What is Girl Scouts?

Girl Scouting is for every girl, everywhere, from any walk of life. Girl Scouts is where today’s girls can become tomorrow’s leaders.

The Girl Scouts mission is that Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

Why should my daughter be a Girl Scout?

Most girls join a local troop or group for fun and friendship, but they also find out about building character and self-esteem and serving their communities—the core qualities of Girl Scouting. In Girl Scouts, girls find a safe place to grow and share new experiences, learn to relate to others, develop values, and contribute to society.

Studies have also shown Girl Scout Alumna are more sense of self, are confident, go further in education and more. To learn more about the Girl Scout Alumna research, click here.

What is the cost?

Annual registration is $40.00. Financial Assistance is available for membership dues and special activities. Also, some troops may have “dues” to help offset the cost of running the troop (like snacks, books, etc.) which will vary troop to troop. Once the annual registration is paid, your daughter is officially a Girl Scout. Along with membership fees, there are other items for Girl Scouts to purchase.

Adults (both male and female) can also become members and work with Girl Scouts as an Adult Member. The cost to become an adult member is $25.00 annually.

Do I have to buy a uniform?

No, uniforms are not required. By definition, the Girl Scout uniform is in fact the pins themselves. It is recommended girls purchase a tunic/sash or vest depending on their program level. These items can all be purchased on the online store or in the Gold Mine Store.

How old do you have to be?

Girls can register from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The program levels break up by grades. These levels are: Daisy (K-1st), Brownie (2nd-3rd), Junior (4th-5th), Cadette (6th-8th), Senior (9th-10th), Ambassador (11th-12th).

Adults (both male and female) can also become members and work with Girl Scouts as an Adult Member.

My daughter’s schedule doesn’t permit her to belong to a troop. Can she still earn badges and awards?

Girls wanting to join Girl Scouts, but who choose not to participate in a troop, may register as an individual member. These individual girl members are known as Juliettes.

What is a Juliette?

Juliette Girl Scouts are girls that join Girl Scouting independent of a Troop. Any girl in grades K-12 can become a Juliette Girl Scout. The group is named after Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts. Girls may become Juliettes because:

  • They may live in towns or neighborhoods where there are no troops or groups.
  • They may have been troop members at one time, but their troop no longer meets. Perhaps their previous troop leader moved away or chose not to volunteer for another year.
  • They–or their parents–may have other activities that make it difficult to attend troop meetings.
Can fathers be troop leaders?

Of course! We encourage parents and community individuals to get involved with Girl Scouts, and troop leaders are always needed! As long as you pass the background check and complete the correct paperwork, you can be a troop leader.