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The Girl Scout Cookie Program and the Fall Product Program are foundational experiences during which girls learn to think like entrepreneurs and to develop vital business skills. Key foundational program activities for girls where they learn valuable skills by participating in the Product Programs sales will allow them to make the world a better place. Skills include people skills, money management, goal setting, business ethics, and decision making.

Fall Product Program

The Fall Product Program is the selling of nuts, candies, and magazines. The Fall Product program introduces Girl Scouts to online and in-person sales at the start of the GS membership year. Girls will get the experience of managing their personal online “store” and send out emails to family and friends to promote their Fall Product business to obtain online sales. In-person order cards are also part of the product program and girls and families will get the opportunity to explore their neighborhoods, and collect orders, thus enhancing their people and communication skills. Find more >

Girl Scout Cookie Program

As the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world, the Girl Scout Cookie Program equips girls with the business smarts they need to take on the world. Plus, Girl Scout Cookie proceeds stay local in your community to power amazing year-round experiences—experiences that broaden their worlds, teach them essential skills and launch them into a lifetime of leadership. The purpose of the Girl Scout Cookie Program is twofold: (1) to help girls develop people skills, goal setting, business ethics, decision-making, and money management and work as a team toward a common goal; and (2) to generate income for Girl Scout troops, service units, and councils. Find more >