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Because of You , She is a Girl Scout

Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to be a role model for girls? Do you want to help girls discover the possibilities within them? As a Troop Leader, you will partner with other volunteers to help plan and lead troop meetings and bring the Girl Scout program to life for the girls in your troop! Volunteers in this role will facilitate meetings and events while encouraging a girl-led environment. Other responsibilities include maintaining accurate troop records, ensuring effective communications between troop and parents, and completing annual membership renewal for the girls and volunteer in your troop. Training for this important role is required and provided by GSCCS staff and volunteers.


10 Steps to Become a Girl Scout Troop Leader

Register as an Adult Member

Starting your leadership journey is easy! The very first step in getting started in your new leadership role is to register yourself as a member of Girl Scouts of Central California South. If you already have a specific troop in mind, choose that troop’s number during the registration process. If you are interested in getting a new troop started and do not have a troop number, please choose Unsure in the registration process and write in New Troop when prompted, our experienced staff will contact you to assign you a new troop number and help navigate your next steps. If you have questions about registration, please contact or 1(800) 490-8653 Click here to complete your registration.

Complete a Background Check

To ensure the safety of our Girl Scouts, all Troop Leaders and volunteers must complete a confidential background check through our third-party provider. Once completed and approved, the background check will remain valid for 3 years. There is a nominal fee associated with the background check, however, volunteers with Girl Scouts of Central California South are eligible for an additional discount on this fee using a Good Deed Code. Please contact to receive the Good Deed Code to enter at checkout.

Contact Us

You’re almost there! Once you have completed the Registration and Background Check, please contact GSCCS Customer Care at  or 1 (800) 490-8653. Our experienced Customer Care Staff will put you in touch with a  Troop Support Specialist in your area to help you get your new troop get started.

Connect with Troop Support

Your Troop Support Specialist will serve as a guide to help you to navigate the onboarding process and your leadership journey. Troop Support will contact you to set up the new troop to your specifications and answer the questions that you may have about your new leadership role. Your Troop Support Specialist will provide guidance as you work to establish a meeting location, day, and time. As well as offer advice on establishing your Troop communication platform, building a volunteer team, and utilizing resources for Troop Leaders.

To get started, a troop will need two unrelated Leaders and at least five girls. Your Troop Support Specialist will help you recruit to fill in those roles as needed.

GSCCS requires that each troop endeavor to maintain a capacity of at least 12 girls to ensure that every girl within our council has access to the troop experience. Your Troop Support Specialist will be your ally in not only reaching these goals but helping to encourage and assist you along the way.

New Leader Welcome

Welcome to Leadership! The New Leader Welcome is a required, one-hour meet up designed to help you and your Co-Leaders get acquainted with your Troop Support Specialist, introduce Troop Leader resources, and help you to feel confident in running your first troop meeting. Now available in a virtual format, this informal training session will help you to understand your new leadership role and set your troop up for success. Once this step is completed you will be assigned the Troop Leader role in your troop and gain access to the many resources now available to Troop Leaders.

Build Your Girl Scout Community

At Girl Scouts of Central California South, we know that the best source of support for new leaders comes from the mentorship provided by our experienced volunteers. Your Troop Support Specialist will provide you with contact information for your Service Unit; a group made up of troop leaders and volunteers in your geographical region.

Your Service Unit will be the best source of information for you as a new leader. At monthly Service Unit meetings, you will meet Service Unit team members and experienced leaders who will answer your questions and provide advice. You will also meet new leaders with whom you can enjoy a shared leadership experience.  For more information or to connect with your Service Unit please contact

Complete Training

Learn to Lead! Now offered in a virtual format, our required, introductory trainings are designed to help cultivate the skills you will need to lead your troop and provide the Foundational Girl Scout Experience. New Troop Leaders are required to take Basic Leadership Training (BLT) within the first three months of starting in leadership role and Programs, Badges and Journeys (PBJ) within the first three months of starting in the leadership role. 

Set Up Your New Troop

Congratulations…you are officially a Troop Leader and now it’s time to work out the details. Meet with your Leadership team to determine meetings days and time, set up a communication system for your parents, and work out the details for your Troop.


Use the MyGS portal to access the many online trainings and resources available to new troop leaders. Take a deep dive into the Volunteer Toolkit explore the meeting plans available and access your Troop roster so you can start getting acquainted with your troop families. Log into gsLearn to continue on your training path and learn the ins and outs of troop leadership.

Stay Connected

The staff and volunteers Girl Scouts of Central California South want to support you throughout your career as a Troop Leader. Stay connected with us by following us on social media, joining our private Leaders and Volunteers Group, and opting into emails and texts to ensure that you receive regular communications and are supported throughout the Girl Scout year. Additionally, our helpful Customer Care staff is available 9am-6pm Monday- Friday to help answer any of the questions you may have along the way.