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Service Unit Volunteers

A service unit is a group of troops within a geographic area. Within each service unit, there are volunteer roles that help ensure the troops can deliver the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to their girls. The service unit is a critical component to providing support, encouragement, and retention of Girl Scout troops. Please see below for descriptions of the various service unit volunteer positions. 

Service Unit Manager

The Service Unit Manager serves as a knowledgeable, positive, and encouraging source of support for the entire Service Unit Team, and enthusiastically engages others in carrying out the team’s plans for membership development and delivery of a quality Girl Scout experience. 

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Service Unit Treasurer

The Service Unit Treasurer provides general oversight and management of all service unit finances, and is a knowledgeable and encouraging source of guidance, support, and reassurance to troops regarding all relevant financial matters. 

Service Unit Secretary

The Service Unit Secretary leads the charge in keeping communication lines open between the Service Unit team, and troops within their service unit.

Service Unit Recruiter

The Service Unit Recruiter serves as an ambassador for Girl Scouts who enthusiastically seeks to engage and recruit new members into the organization. 

GSLE Coach

The Service Unit GSLE Coach plays a critical role on the Service Unit Team and in her community. The GSLE Coach supports and encourages troops to adopt the National Program Portfolio, use of the Volunteer Toolkit, and keeping Girl Scouting girl-led. 

Service Unit Events Coordinator

The Service Unit Events Coordinator enthusiastically facilitates and coordinates fun and exciting service unit programs and events that support and enhance the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. 

Service Unit Registrar

The Service Unit Registrar ensures the success of the Girl Scout registration process by enthusiastically and thoroughly performing the tasks needed to collect and process girl and adult registrations and place girl and adult members into troops.