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Trailblazers is a special interest club/troop only for older girls (Cadettes -Ambassadors) that provides adventures on trails and in the wilderness areas. Some activities may only be for girls 8th grade above. The GSCCS Staff Member/Trailblazers Advisor will let everyone know what activities are appropriate based on age. Trailblazers have been part of Girl Scouts' bold history since as early as 1934. GSUSA has made revitalizing and expanding the Trailblazers club/troop a national priority and has released updated twenty-first century guidelines.

If you are interested in more information about Trailblazers or want to join, please send an email to

Goals for Trailblazers:

1.) Support our older girls!

  • Retention
  • Recruitment

2.) Offer opportunities to develop ability

  • On water, on the trail, in the back country

3.) Provide adventure

  • Experience challenging, transformative moments in the outdoors

4.) Grow outdoor leaders who are stewards of their environment

  • Take Action and Highest Awards

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, girls benefit from joining Trailblazers in four important ways:

  • Outdoor Competence: Girls learn to engage safely and responsibly in a range from outdoor activities
  • Outdoor Interest: Girls develop a love of nature and an interest in the natural world
  • Outdoor Confidence: Girls gain confidence in their ability to take on new challenges and learn from and succeed in them.
  • Environmental Stewardship: Girls come to understand how their behaviors influences the environment and what they can do to protect the natural world.

To become a Girl Scout Trailblazer, girls will complete the requirements for the Trailblazer pin:

  • Know and recite the Girl Scout Promise;
  • Know and recite the Girl Scout Law; and
  • Complete the first level of three concentrations