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Donor Buyout

As we enter a new cookie season, life has changed. But, we still believe in the power, resilience, and strength of our communities. We are asking you to show your support to our Girl Scouts by becoming a Cookie Donor Buyout sponsor. After all, cookies really do equal opportunities for girls.

Purchase cookies to keep, or pay it forward, by donating your purchased cookies to our frontline heroes, or the charity of your choice. Talk about a guilt-free purchase! That means you’re not only supporting local girls’ success, but also the success of your community while building the next generation of female entrepreneurs—that's game-changing! 

In addition to Council securing supporters to buy out cookie booths, Troops may also secure such buyouts utilizing the attached form. For Troops that do secure these buyouts, the benefit will accrue to that Troop. Please submit a Cookie Donor Buyout Program Form to Jody Hudson, Director of Development, at

On behalf of our 12,000 Cookie Entrepreneurs, we thank you for your support.

Download Our Cookie Donor Buyout Program Flyer Here!